Never Trust The Government – Breach Of Trust With Bad Intent


Endless years of treachery

Nothing left but memories

Breach of trust with bad intent

Never trust the government


Famine spreads across the land

Fertile soils turned to sand

Farmland now reduced to weeds

Naked prophets spread their seed


New metallic color scheme

Machinery rusting at the seams

Pockmarks, pits, strange corrosion

Remnants of the big explosion


Twisted wires and endless fires

Broken cars with flattened tires

Nothing moves; no transportation

Empty highways cross the nation


No phones, no tech, nothing working

Broken pipes but nothing squirting

Acidic winds that cut your skin

Feels like you’re a Bedouin


Blazing sun sits overhead

Invisible rays can kill you dead

It’s a perpetual toxic kind of weather

Wrinkled skin becomes like leather


Dirty faces in a hidden space

No one cares about sex or race

Social justice has lost its meaning

People more concerned with eating


Brackish water and dirty air

A constant feeling of despair

Blurry lines and no real borders

Gloom and doom around each corner


Wasteland warriors and desert punks

Seedy brokers selling junk

The black market is all that’s left

Foundations built on greed and theft


Hands stretched out, needing aid

Nothing free, you need to trade

Bartering with flesh or gold

People being bought and sold


Society in a state of disarray

Every day like judgement day

Goals, and hopes, and dreams now smashed

Resurgence of our wretched past


Murder and rape happen daily

The weak ones trapped; bound in slavery

Dirty corners of burned out buildings

Pedophiles destroying children


A sudden end, by a rusty knife

Little value put on life

Suffering and a loss of hope

High tree branch and piece of rope


From the ashes nothing rises

Hope just won’t materialize

We made this bed, so here we lie

Blinded since we turned our eyes

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