Neglected and then Lost








I’m lost…

Time has come to a standstill

I’m wracked with a deep stiffness

An uncomfortable plaguing feeling

The scent of your perfume still lingers

It’s on my clothes, my hair, my skin

It is a constant, continuous reminder

Of the last time we touched one another

Memories invades every thought

Gnawing at the threads of my sanity

Always about the “then”

When things were different

Instead, it’s the “now

Emptiness my constant companion

To turn the hands back

With what I know now

Instead I wait in vain

This hard wooden chair my prison

The walls around me blank

The colors muted and devoid

Swollen eyes and weakness

Hope seems nothing more than a word

Still holding tightly to that last moment

Movement occurs

But neither forward nor back

A trapped feeling

The limbo that now haunts me

Upward vision gives me no peace

Prayer furthers the confusion

My cries go unheard…

Come back to me.

Hurried whispering

Please come back to me

I’m listening

Tell me again about everything

Another chance

I’m begging you

This time it will be different

I promise…….












Words are more than just sounds, more than just random noises to fill in the spaces between things, more than just a way to tell a story or sing a song, they are one of the things which makes us human.  When lovers share words, they aren’t just talking, they are sharing senses, they are engaging in an act of love, with a back and forth switching of listening and speaking, changing positions at will, sharing passions and also moments of utter sadness.  The ecstasies of communication are an act of lovemaking on a non-physical plane.  Ignoring your partner is like falling asleep during a passionate kiss…..

-R.J. Schwartz © 2016


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