Near Sleep


imageWhen I close my eyes and inhale

My mind is captivated

The heavenly perfume of lavender

Soft tendrils of vanilla smoke

Sweet Jasmine

Hinting of Gardenia flowers

Ancient forests

Rich cedar and rosewood

Spices and herbs from faraway lands

Their exotic mysteries

Moments captured in time

As I exhale,

New sounds emerge

Rain falling ever so lightly

Brushing the lush jungle canopy

Surf crashing gently

Waves cascading

Licking the fringes

That secret black sand beach

Wings of a hummingbird in flight

The lonely cricket bringing in the night

The unhurried whispers of love

Soft breathing

Lips brush



Dreams come at last

Watch Sleep

Romance and love are more than just feelings.  To be in love is a total immersion into everything;  the elements, movement, sights, and sounds.  It’s the gateway to the door that keeps the secrets of life.  It’s the moment of understanding when your soul is no longer your own, but something shared with another.  When you find it, you’ll understand – Two Who Lived As One


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