Mysteries on the Wind


Try, if you may, to catch a glimpse

Of the gust of wind that just caressed your neck

It seems that no matter how fast you turn,

It’s not fast enough

Why the wind hides its true sight from our eyes remains a mystery

Doesn’t it just strike you as a grand?

Thinking about attempting such a feat

Can fire be caught, or sunlight heard?

Or the wind viewed?

After all, we are mere mortals,

Questions and theories fill our mortal heads

When we should simply be amazed by the things which surround us

I have little understanding of the workings

But the wind is my friend

A willing partner in my hour of need

A messenger to you in my absence

For that is where I hide my kisses

Tucked safely among the invisible folds

I envision myself riding a gentle current

Watching your every move from afar

In my mind I reach out, gaining strength from the sight of your face

Always wondering in fascination

How is it that you make my heart beat faster without a single touch?

I have often toyed with that single strand of your hair

The one that hangs ever so precariously across your field of vision

With the tip of my finger, moving it slightly to the left

Yet I hesitate, as it does cast a slight shadow on your brow

While simultaneously making it more mysterious and beautiful

I find myself torn and left wondering

If I move it, am I disturbing total beauty?

Should I digress to the random power of the wind?

Waiting and watching

Perched on a cloud

Admiring your radiance

Until we meet again


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