My Muse, I Remember Our Meeting


Morning stroll, thoughts are whole, in complete control

Nice and tidy, Monday through Friday, then speak to the almighty

Complete routine, it’s all foreseen, not a thought could intervene

Until a sudden meeting, heart now beating, pleasant greeting

Beating faster, like a dream forecaster, but still no disaster

My jumbled speech, word cracks and creeks, then reddening cheeks

Nice and proper, thrown in the hopper, what a shocker

A nervous nelly, with my legs all jelly, and a rumbling belly

Hands of sweat, her hair brunette, body wrapped in gold georgette

Her smiling face, puts it all in place, with just a touch of heavenly grace

And now I feel a sudden calm, have drying palms, no more qualms

Deep breath, no need to rest, a single hand up to my chest

A gentle bow, oh I don’t know how, I kept from landing on my brow

My sudden gentleness, and touch of elegance, almost renascence

Yet my head stayed rigid, indeed not timid, not restricted

Her eyes magnetic, an anesthetic, almost prophetic

I cannot look away, now trapped at midday, in a sparkling array

Bluest blues, and emerald hues, such the source I call my Muse

A bit enchanted, no lines were slanted, my wish was granted

Our time was precious, left me breathless, and conscientious

But she’s turned to go, her eyes say so, smile and a tipped chapeau

Nod my head, my thoughts likely read, or perhaps something I said

A sweet memory, I’ll keep for a century, safe in my treasury

Love at first sight, leaves me weakened and white, blind as if night

Not my usual stance, but I seem in a trance, and need another glance

A gentlemanly turn, one to attract no concern, and pray for no spurn

Still is my gaze, as I try to appraise, she sparkles just like the sun’s rays

Waiting it seems, shining like a queen, perhaps I’m in a dream

Maybe too did she feel, that the vision was real, could not be concealed

The distance grew closer, my mind runneth over, to such an exposure

Those eyes once again, and delicate skin, and that soft rounded chin

Lips of perfection, turned in my direction, a seeming connection

A magical attraction, complete chain reaction, affirmative interaction

“My Muse?” my question, smiled confession, a beautiful expression

Moment in time, started my climb, then she awakened my rhyme

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