My Daily Awakening


Angelic AwakeningDaybreak penetrates into the depths of yonder forest,

Golden spears effortlessly gliding

As the mighty sun gently spreads the canopy

Delicately threading the light throughout the leaves

The moving waters licking the shores

Caressing the stones with their moisture

Gentle rolling hills seem to come alive

The movement rhythmic and surreal

Only surrendering with the rise in elevation

Until reaching the majestic snow capped peaks

Lush green grasses spill forth in a silky softness

As they too stretch skyward to catch the first rays

The dew drips and pools to the ground below

An the warmth, in all of it’s glory descends upon the land

The embrace, one of sheer delight and utter happiness,

Kindred souls gathering beneath a warm waterfall

Bathing in absolute pleasure and everlasting hope

Tis but a vision, one beyond imagination

A magical moment preserved for a canvas perhaps

Imaginative thinking never captured by the masses

The blessed warmth only a lucid dream

Give way to thoughts of fantasy and whimsy

Dive deeply into the pool and drink from the water

Share the flavor of my vision of you, my love

When your eyes unleash waves of joy

I cascade among their fluttering moments

Swimming in their radiating colors and hues

Each unique and unfolding with the passing light

Caressing and blending and crossing the lines

And the headiness casting upon my like intoxication

Offering the key to unlocked the secrets of pleasure

Sharing the goblet to taste the forbidden juices

A delicious and devious smile perched upon you lips

Shuddering with anticipation of the passion they hold

My heart grows powerful deep with my chest

Pounding relentlessly, beat after strengthening beat

The crescendo of provoking thoughts

Imagines foretold in the moment of embrace

The heat of summer my constant companion

Humidity, sticky and moist, gathers in puddles

I reside in the awakening of each and every moment

Each cell contributes to the emerging of life

As long as you shall live, it shall be as it is this day

Each pore is my fountain, every kiss my wellspring

My soul finds peace at the very highest reaches

Far above those majestic peaks in the distance.

I walk with no intent through the soft grasslands

Fingers effortlessly moving through the fronds

They yield and gently return to their stance

I’m reminded of the curve of your hip

The tracing of an invisible line with unintended direction

Only tenderness and softness have meaning

I’m certain that an ethereal glow hides beneath your skin

Angelic and pure, with none to compare

Take but a moment and rest my love,

Sleep, languishing in the comfort of your thoughts

The security of our togetherness

Knowing that I shall always be there

Until another awakening



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