Museum Pieces



Lines of children

Eyes transfixed

Simply staring

Their mouths agape

Their eyes agog

Silence deafening

Immense wonder

Surrounds them

Ancient bones

Towering high above

Imaginations, imagining

Churning and conjuring

Upright beasts

Some type of man

Fierce and distant


Diversity the tale

Mr. Darwin the teller

The past is here

Alive in its own way

Those lost travelers

Plotted, forgotten courses

Coins and cannon remain

Unfulfilled story lines

Bits of broken pottery

Places which vanished


Like the night breeze

Leaving only ruins

Statuary crumbled

Their eyes fixed

Looking somewhere, anywhere

China, Jade, and Alabaster

Precious then

Precious now

The faded paint

On tribal masks

Loops of bones

Sharpened claws

Marble riders ride

Atop marbled mounts

Beautiful carriages

Carefully assembled

Tiny pictures of time

Messages sent long ago

In the eye of the beholder

Stone and wood

Art on glass

Canvas stretched

Worlds captured

Jars and books

Household things

Jewelry and chairs

A royal ring

Understanding this

That message clear

The answers to the future

Hidden in it’s origins








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History Lost

The past is the key to the future.  This phrase has been spoken by generation after generation.  Governments, clothing styles, art, and culture of today all have their roots in history.  It takes some research to discover it, but when you do, it is revealing and will have you riveted.  Great nations that once dominated died out just as suddenly as they appeared.  Styles have often been called cyclical and the suits and dresses of 100 years ago are suddenly back in fashion, albeit with a modern twist.  Cubism or a certain type of sculpture might remerge – it will be called vintage or neo-classical maybe, but you can be certain the “new” originator found the past to be the secret.  Those who study their ancestors will be much better suited to envision their future.

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