Moon Water – How to Make, Store, and Use It


Moon water is water that has been charged, or allowed to soak up lunar energy.  The most powerful moon water is made on the night of a full moon.  Generally, moon water can be used in many different ways including spell making, cleansing rituals, and more.  You can also make intention-specific moon water during different phases of the moon.  At the end of this article is a chart which shows some of the specifics of different phases of the moon, for your reference.  Also there is a section below which covers specific uses of moon water.

Making Moon Water – What You Need to Know Before Starting

Making your own moon water isn’t difficult, however there are a few things you need to know before starting.  These are recommendations and not by any means hard and fast rules.  There is no right or wrong way, but there are general understandings that you need to know, especially if you are new to the craft.

Use a glass container that has been properly cleaned and sterilized.  Clear is preferable, however using colored glass is acceptable, as long as it is transparent and will allow the lunar rays to sufficiently penetrate the container.  Some people recommend either glass or silver, but there are risks associated with using silver, especially if you are planning on ingesting the water.  If you are making a large batch in an open bowl (an older, purist type of process), be sure you place the bowl in a spot where animals or insects won’t have access to it.

The type and source of water you use has a direct influence on the shelf-life of the moon water and can impact what you ultimately use it for.  If you have access to a natural source of moving water, such as a stream or river, this water is considered a very good choice.  It already has natural energy to begin with.  There are a few drawbacks that you should consider though. Running water may have unwanted bacteria or other undesirable elements that would exclude it from being drinkable.  Also, those same contaminants will dramatically cut down on the shelf-life of the finished product and you may see algae growth.  You could boil it beforehand, but that would also eliminate its natural energy.  Tap water or as it’s commonly called, ‘city water’, is safe to drink, but the term safe is highly subjective.  There will be chemicals in the water, which might make it undesirable for use in spell work or other magick.  Another source is rain water, but remember that rain water isn’t pure water.  There are chemicals in the atmosphere that could contaminate it. Distilled or bottled water will provide you with the longest shelf life.

The Process

Once you’ve collected your vessel, decided on your choice of water source, and planned a time for making your moon water, the work is mostly done.  The next step is to put the water outside in a place where it will receive the maximum amount of moonlight.  Depending on your personal beliefs, you may want to say an incantation or other words over the vessel.  Some practitioners may also choose to put a protective circle around the vessel before beginning.  Once the moon has set, retrieve the vessel and store it appropriately.  Some people choose to store their moon water in the refrigerator to increase the shelf life.  That again, is another option that the individual must weigh.

As previously mentioned, the most potent moon water is made under a full moon.  There are some variations that you might want to consider.  Some practitioners believe that you can supercharge your water by putting your vessel out for three consecutive nights when the moon is full, not just the peak night.  If you plan to follow this practice, make sure you bring it in each morning before sunrise and keep it in a dark place during the daylight hours.  Many witches believe that if you leave it out in the sunlight, it will effectively cancel out the charge from the moonlight.  Consult a reliable moon-phase calendar to determine the date and time of any specific phase you’d like to charge you water under, should you choose to take that route.

Once you’ve completed your chosen charging session, transfer the water from your bowl to a clean sterile container, preferably one that does not have a metal cap/lid.  Glass bottles with a cork stopper are a good choice.  Moon water is also used for spell work, especially love spells or spells which need a charging element.

Adding Things to Your Moon Water

Be extremely cautious about what you add to your moon water, outside of water itself.  Dried herbs might seem like a good idea, but they are organic and will decay.  That decaying matter will make the water unusable for many actions.  Adding salt or using crystals/stones in the process should be done with extreme care.  Some crystals will break down in water and will render the water poisonous.  Salt is usually safe, but make sure they are from a reliable source.  Many witches have multiple varieties of salt in their possession and the origins aren’t always known.  Don’t use rock salt (halite) that is commonly sold as ice melt.  For reference, these common crystals should be kept out of water are: Selenite, Lepidolite, Azurite, Malachite, Calcite, Angelite, Celestite, Fluorite, and Ammolite.

moon water
Selenite Wand

Uses for Moon Water

Your finished product has multiple uses, but remember that this list is not exhaustive.  Remember that you can choose to use moon water for whatever you want, even if that use is washing your dog.  The most common use is for cleansing, both for your physical space (such as your house or sacred space) or your body.  Some people dilute their finished product and clean their house with it, while others add it to a spray bottle to refresh their space.  A spray bottle can also be used to mist houseplants, herbs, and other living objects.  Many witches add moon water to their bath, especially prior to rituals.  Watercolor artists have added it to their artwork.  Mothers can rub a few drops on their children to help relax them and encourage learning.

If you’ve used safe or potable water, try adding a few drops to food, drinks, coffee or tea to give yourself a refreshing pick me up.  You can also add some to your pets water dish.  Some people make ice cubes from it. Moon water can be used to clean and charge your magickal tools if you are unable to put them outside under the moonlight itself; this is a good thing if you live in a very cold climate.  Don’t want your wand buried under a pile of snow, then try charging it inside with a little moon water.  You can add some to fresh flower arrangement to prolong their life.

The choices are endless on how you can incorporate it into your daily life.  If you’ve ever heard the statement that moon water is an absolute essential to the witches toolkit, now you can see why.  Moonlight is an amazing energy source, one like no other.  It’s readily available and easy to obtain, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be taking advantage of that fact.

Phases of the Moon

As mentioned previously, different phases of the moon are associated with specific thing.  If you want to explore the different associations, below is a short list of some of the major connections with different phases.  Moon water made under a Blood Moon or Blue Moon is especially powerful.  Never miss out on a chance to make some on those rare and special nights.

New Moon – Traditionally associated with new beginnings, divination, and self care.

First Quarter Moon – Associated with action, relationships, and creativity.

Full Moon – The most powerful time of the lunar cycle.  The full moon is associated with manifestation, socialization, and communication.  It is also associated with ceremony.  Ceremony is a broad term, but easy to understand.  Many witches or covens gather on the peak night of a full moon each month to cleanse and clear negative energy as well as to do spell work under the powerful lunar energy.

Third Quarter Moon – Associated with Shadow work, cleansing, and introspection.  Shadow work is personal work.  It’s a time to face your own demons or problems and come to terms with them so as to allow you to move forward in your personal spiritual growth.  Many of these are traumas or other dark times, which hang out in the shadowy parts of our consciousness.

moon water

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