Moments Spent Among the Autumn Leaves


Walking in leavesTis a heartfelt memory of the season but a single year removed

When the blustery winds gathered the dried remains of summer

Swirling them about like laughing children running free

Fallen oak leaves offered an unseen hand to the maple

But the total number ensemble cannot be so easily imagined

The golden yellow birch and the delicate pink from the stewartia

The cascading reds of the Staghorn Sumac and butterscotch Ogon

So many hues, enticing alone, but simply amazing as one

That haunting melody of cracking and crumbling beneath our steps

Each unique, giving a timber and tone never to be replicated

Those colors so rich and so bold danced and spun across our path

Oranges, radiant reds, honey, butter and amber say you

Invited us into their garden and under their ever falling canopy

When your hand and mind found one another and held dear

In unison our steps found purchase, one after another and again

We waded through the shifting landscape of the colorful carpet

And yet we never lost sight of the epic beauty in our sights

How I remember the mighty gust that nearly toppled us both

Certainly the wind has mastered the old matchmaking ways

For your face buried deep in my wrap and open arms

And but a shiver, more like a tickle and the smile on your face

Did indeed lead to a heated embrace and soul warming kiss

And a pause, perhaps lingering to capture the memory forever

And on we ambled after the tender moment had passed

Arms swinging, white knuckles braving the cooling air

Lively we stepped, not just for the moment, but for the journey

Tis a bit of magic when the two become one….

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