Minstrel of Love – Proclamations of Two Souls Coming Together

Souls meeting


Verily I must stand atop a hillock and profess that which I know to be true

For my voice must be heard from the muddied river banks to the rolling hills

Across the land to the great mountain ranges and the never-ending forests

Gather all ye folk and I shall speak of things both beautiful and mysterious

For today the world gives notice that love doth swirl about in the frigid air

The arrows of Cupid have taken flight with pathways or persons unknown

Some wait, their hearts beating with the anticipation of the future unfolding

Eyes watching; searching with a focused abandoned through the human ranks

Where art thou?  Will thou come forth and extend a hand?  Why are you waiting?

And yet time continues without pause or even a momentary lapse of possibility

Waiting on love gives no direction, no instruction, nor any sense of expectation

Love has no master, you see; love is a living, breathing, amazing form of energy

Swirling around your soul like a mixture of magical dust, sparkles, and confetti

Wrapping heart’s in a warmth without compare and a feeling beyond imagination

It cannot be found on the tip of an arrow, nor in a banquet hall or crowded room

No soul can take love under control; and yet so many of strong disposition try

Gloriously misunderstood and fabulously messy and without constant form

Logic holds no answers, nor do the ways of the soothsayer or the prophet

True understanding cannot be recorded by the stylus of a great scribe

Nor through the perpetually flowing words of great orators or legendary poets

Love is sometime messy, but divine; complicated, but simplistic in its ways

It gives, it takes, and it moves and remakes; love heals, soothes, and eases pain

Love matters when nothing else matters, for without love, we are but machines

Do no forsake those who profess their emotions or wear them loudly on a sleeve

Lovers are the peacemakers, the healers; the ones who see far beyond the noise

Listen good people, for you know these words carry the seal of both fact and truth

And what of beauty you say?  ‘Tis such a thing only found in a beholding eye?

Indeed, I do proclaim!  Give no standardized list on the tenants of things beautiful

For each eye holds that opinion in ways so different and foreign to one another

Sight; from deep in the mind’s eye give awareness; but all call it beautiful

Look high and look low, I bid you look beyond the world around and deep inside

Far into the depths of your soul, beyond the realm of things material or solid

There you will see an eternal flame; a fire which burns brighter than the sun itself

Keep that vision in your focus and let it connect with your aura and feed your world

Let love bloom like the colorful flowers and greenery of a springtime garden

Do not take blade, spade, or implement within; for strength comes from the wildness

Nor shall a bloom be plucked from any stem among the scattered color banks

Perfection has no need for alteration, just as the night stars require no organization

That is your inner beauty; each soul has something unique and wonderful to share

Each heart beats with a magical melodious sound that carries love like a whisper

Let your inner self be released and the world shall see and feel and hear you

All will listen, but only one shall truly see the tiniest details of your inner garden

Only one shall nurture its growth, enrich the soils, and prune any chance of weeds

Two souls coming together to share in the magic of planting things together

Singular growth becomes mutual growth; flowers bloom and seeds are produced

New life emerges from the empty spaces and the world is filled with the scent of roses

Love knows no boundaries, love has no limitations or barriers, love is energy

Love makes life worth living, and I’m grateful to have such a great love in my life


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