Milk and Honey Blessing


Milk and Honey have been used extensively in ritual practice throughout history. Both are powerful symbols and directly connected to the earth. In several ancient texts, areas called the promised lands, or paradise, were referred to as the lands of milk and honey. In the modern era, milk and honey are used for ritual bathing, as the base for skin care products, and to help with digestive issues.

Milk was life. Sheep, cows, and other domesticated animals were evidence of it’s power to not only sustain the life of a newborn, but to do it without assistance. Newly born calves and lambs did not need anything except mother’s milk to grow. It’s naturally high in protein, vitamins, and provides ample calories from it’s fat content. Our ancestors quickly learned to make cheese, butter, and other products from milk; all were quickly integrated into the mainstream diet. Interestingly enough, the so-called civilized societies frowned on milk consumption; identifying it something only low-class or barbarians would consume. Yet, as the world progressed, milk soon became a household staple across most of the world.

Honey is timeless, and so are the bees, which are one of the oldest still-existing life forms on earth, dating back to Neolithic times. Honey never decays, gets moldy, or goes bad. Evidence of this can be found in honey samples discovered in the tombs of ancient Egyptians, still quite edible and without any bacteria or parasitic growth. Our ancestors didn’t know that this occurs because honey has almost no moisture and naturally acidic, which prevents bacteria growth. Throughout time, honey was used as a food source, a sweetener, both as a topical and internal medicine, and even as currency due to it’s value.

Two great symbols; one representing life and the other representing eternity, are an absolute necessity, to include in your ritual practices, especially in any ritual associated with fertility or longevity.

Milk and Honey Blessing

Begat in ancient times – the time of the great unknown

Life emerged on this fertile and glorious planet

Nature and it’s bounty were in great and luxurious abundance

All things shared in the collective energies of the realm

Perfection was without word and a great harmony reigned

Humanity rapidly flourished, yet without malice

That which was available to one, was available for all

The great circle of life ensured balance

Light was eternal and wisdom was freely found

Nature. the great teacher, humanity the great student

Fertility was honored and put on a high pedestal

All life spoke for the trees, the winds, the skies, and the rain

Time has passed, but nothing has been forgotten

With milk and honey we anoint the land

Giving back the primordial energies

A pledge of our commitment and love

For the land, for one another, and for eternity

How to Incorporate This Into a Ritual

There are several ways you can use this as part of a ritual. You can offer libations to the earth, by simply pouring the two elements on the soil. Alternately, you can offer your participants a drink of both milk and honey, or anoint them with it, either by touching a drop on their foreheads, wrists, or other areas of the body. Or combine the two and create an energy connection between the people and the land.

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