Midnight and the Fall of Man


Midnight, and the fall of man
The final hours tick by without mercy
Legions of mechanical beasts
Crawling, marching, and burrowing
The last of the crumbling cities
Rust and fear hiding silent despair
Streets slick with oil, blood, and misery
Acidic air…
The nauseating flickering
Plastic covered sodium bulbs
Endless and unceasing
Stark reminder to the few
Daily permanency of nuclear winter
The dead far outnumbering the living
Fooled right until the last
The moment of happening
Hidden but in plain sight
Survivors embraced the technology
That which remained
Dredged from the heaps of damage
Machines seeking machines
And the proximity
Of a heartbeat
Unaware of his ending
And how silently
That time moves forward
Without a timekeeper

Man, How Will It End?

As technology moves humankind faster and faster into the future, the question isn’t whether machines will eventually destroy us, but moreover, when.

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