Medication Is Not A Cure


Medication is not a cure

Just a remedy and nothing more

A modern system of treating symptoms

Patients more a group of victims

Think about that office visit

Not real care, just transactional business

Take a number and have a seat

What’s the problem we need to treat?

Something chronic or something worse

Come inside and see our nurse

A vitals check will cost you plenty

The doctor’s care is that times twenty

A prescription and you’re on your way

Enough to keep your symptoms at bay

Until another visit on another day

And that’s the one you’ll really pay

A couple tests; some blood is drawn

Just the start of on and on

Come back again in a week of two

We’ll have the answers on what to do

Go back home and wait it out

Cursing the system you scream and shout

Doctor’s orders said with conviction

While pushing us to drug addiction

Medication is their only solution

Our bodies filled with chemical pollution

A pill for this and a pill for that

Some too dangerous to test on rats

They say it’s safe and cite the FDA

Take it now; with no delay

And heaven help you if it’s really bad

They’ll overwork the prescription pad

Hospital stays with tubes and needles

The way they act should be illegal

But instead its part of the bigger plan

Control the people, how they can

The cost of Chemo is beyond compare

They have the nerve to call it care

Natural cures are mostly illegal

Rather see us on their needle

Sheeple programmed to keep returning

Never read or bother learning

They take the poison and take some more

Lining up at the hospital store

Surrendered their lives to being sick

Without a punch or single kick

And when they die, they’ll be preserved

Perhaps it’s what they just deserve

We told them to run from medication

Find a way around the legislation

The natural route is all about curing

Not big money or health insuring

For centuries people went to healers

Now our health is run by dealers

They just don’t care how you feel

Doctor’s practice, instead of heal


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