May’s Full Flower Moon 2024 – Blessed Abundance


May’s Full Flower Moon for 2024 will be at its peak on May 23rd at 7:55 AM, MST. It is the second full moon of the Spring, and the first after Beltane. The flower moon is appropriately named, as the early part of May is when the many dozens of wildflower species begin to bloom, bathing the landscape in a rich blanket of color. Officially, the name is credited to the Algonquin tribe. It is also known as the Hare Moon, the Corn Planting Moon, the Budding Moon or Leaf Budding Moon, the Bright Moon, the Blessing Moon and the Milk Moon. Other names are the Planting Moon, Frog Moon, Egg Laying Moon, Grass Moon, Mulberry Moon, Field Maker Moon, and Mother’s Moon. Although the names differ, most can be directly connected to the events unfolding in the natural world, and the impact the changing weather has on the landscape.

Sky watchers will notice that Venus and Jupiter will be aligned in the night sky at the same time the Flower Moon peaks, creating what many say is a very positive day. The full moon will be opposing both planets, contributing to the abundance we experience on the 23rd. It’s a great opportunity to realize all those things which we have in our lives and be thankful for them. Additionally, like we do every other full moon, it’s a fantastic time to release those things which no longer serve our greatest and highest good. Trust in the universe to guide you and you’ll find your confidence growing.

Any words between <> are unspoken, and should be seen as instructional to whomever is leading the ritual

flower moon

Preparing for our 2024 Full Flower Moon Ritual

Decorate your Altar with flowers, flowers, and more flowers
Quarter Candles (4 total) in these colors – Red (South), Yellow (East), Green (North), and Blue (West)
Goddess Candle – White, 3 wick type if possible
Paper & pencils
Fire pit, bonfire, or open flame (use caution around open flames)

Full Flower Moon Ritual Circle

Our theme tonight is abundance, but not in the physical sense. Full moon’s are always seen as a time of abundant energy, and this full flower moon is no different. Yet in addition to the ample energy, it’s important that we understand and give thanks for the other things in our lives which we have in abundance. These might include love, friendship, hope, positivity, patience, happiness, free will, and compassion.

<Ask for silence and open the circle>

Opening the Circle

Full moon night, blessed light, magick realm within our sight. No present nor past, this circle cast, our place to think, our lunar link. Between the worlds, right now we dwell, free to cast our magick spells. Our open mind’s, unhooked from time, above they fly, into the skies. This Full Flower moon circle is now open!

Our circle, just as each new day, begins in the East. As we look in the direction of the rising sun, we see hope, new beginnings, and the eternal chance at starting over. As we feel the possibilities growing, we are reminded by the spirits of Air, that all things are connected. As the breeze touches our faces, it also touches the faces of everyone around us, bonding us in an energetic connection.  <light yellow candle>

Next we turn to the South, where thoughts of midday fill our minds. The great spirits of Fire are our companions as the heat, light, and warmth fill our minds, our bodies, and our sphere of influence. As we seek greater understanding, we see that our foundation of trust is secure by the comfort of the power of fire. It is eternal, immortal, and seeks to serve and comfort us. <light red candle> 

When we look to the West, the last lingering rays of the setting sun may still be evident in the sky. The though of closure and completeness fills our spirit and lends peace to our thoughts. And this comforting feeling is enhanced as we see our ancestors looking back at us, happily among the water spirits. As they have crossed over, their spirits have been cleansed by the ever moving flows of both water and energy. <light blue candle>

And now to the North, where the earth spirits await. Under the rich moonlight, the land shows its midnight colors, the trees cast interpretive shadows, and the nocturnal creatures begin their prowling. And in the spaces between, the mischief and magick makers peek out from their hidey-holes to whisper the magickal secrets of the world to those who are listening. For this is the Earth and we are but visitors in this lifetime, enjoying it, learning from it, and being part of the great experience. <light green candle>


We seek many things from the Goddess, each of us asking for only what we need. Some pray for guidance, others for forgiveness, still others seek direction. Yet collectively we can all see gratitude and thankfulness as a worthy voice, especially as we have such abundance in our lives. We invite the great spirit of the Goddess to join us tonight, sharing in the same lunar energy as we share, and being part of our celebration. <light white candle>

full flower moon may 2024


Warming temperatures and longer days make the month of May so attractive to many people. No longer do we feel that trapped in the house feeling that tends to lead to anxiousness. New life is springing up in the forests, and in our gardens, attracting birds, bees, and other wildlife. It’s a great time to let our eyes wander, taking in this glorious environment. This richness of nature is just one more thing to add to our list of abundance, for it is truly a blessing

Tonight as we celebrate the full flower moon, with the realization of just how blessed we are provides that much needed support system to assist us in our shedding of negativity. We’ve always known that with the release of negative energy, a temporary void exists in our spiritual selves. Filling that space with the positivity of abundance will be a key to raising our vibration and achieving spiritual growth.

Musical Interlude

Music is one of the most powerful and primitive methods of raising energy. Thunderous drumming and rhythmic chanting stir something deep within each of us, bringing forth the endless energies of our very existence, yet other times a long-lost flute and chant will do the same thing. Regardless of the type of music, as we listen, we release, and as we release, we grow and our thoughts multiply, entwine, and expand. Tonight we are listening to a new release from Faun, called Blot. “Blót” is an old Norse word meaning “sacrifice”. “Blóts“ were held to create a balance between “giving” and “taking”

Giving Thanks for Our Blessed Abundance

Wisdom would tell us that there is no room in our lives for greed, hoarding, gluttony, egotism, or hubris. These all eventually lead to negative behavior, weakness of the mind, spiritual demise, and a general state of disarray of the Chi. Wisdom would also tell us that we should only seek that which we need for survival, and leave enough for our fellow human beings to partake. Both are true, and yet both deserve further explanation, if only to invoke a sense of clarity.

The latter speaks of physical things, possessions, land, resources, and other tangible items. Our planet provides to us, if we open our eyes to see, and if we trust in the universe, it shall continue to provide for us. We may keep a supply to get through the tough times, but see the folly in holding more than we could every use. The former speaks of beliefs, actions, and methods. Attitudes towards what some deem as their rights, their ways of looking at the world in a jaded, almost cruel way. They attract negativity and baggage, some which might be so weighty as it holds them down from ever reaching anytime considered worthy in the spiritual world. They may be rich, but with a type of wealth that cannot buy true happiness.

Abundance of emotion is what we are observing tonight. Things like happiness, joy, gratitude, positivity, willingness to help, and sharing love. Those are things truly worth celebrating, for not only do they reproduce spontaneously, but they attract others who are like-minded. They can be shared freely and yet the supply is never exhausted. They can be exchanged and both parties will come out with even more than they started with. It’s the most valuable form of human currency. If you are awash in true bliss and happiness, you are a fortunate soul who can rise as high as you allow yourself to rise.

If you still find negativity has entered your existence and it’s slowing your spiritual growth, then use this full flower moon and the amazing lunar energy it produces to shed unwanted baggage and lighten your load.

Cleansing & Clearing Away Negative Energy

Each month, the full moon provides us with an opportunity to release negative energy and the polluted feel that accompanies it. Despite living our highest and best lives, negativity can still creep in and hold us back from growth. It’s important to think with a wide mind when it comes to identifying negativity, for many things are subtle and may go overlooked. These can be very simple things, such as tolerating bad behavior from your partner, or allowing your children or siblings to take advantage of you. Both seem innocuous, but left unchecked, they can take root and resentment will flourish. Other things may have been useful at one time, but are no longer of service to you. Think about those things in a box of keepsakes. You might keep them around to remind you of the past, but they may be a source of pain that you do not need in your current life. Old photographs, trinkets, and other physical items can hold a heavy weight.

Other sources of negativity may have been thrust upon us. These hang over our heads, sometimes for decades like a dark ominous cloud, always appearing to be on the cusp of erupting into a tumultuous shower and ruining our peace. Often times these are closely connected to families, childhood, and times of trauma. Some people cannot exist without holding onto their past. It’s a crutch, or a rationalization for their current behavior, or it could be an excuse for just not trying. It’s one of the biggest sources of insecurity and emotional pain.

But whatever the source, baggage is baggage. Without action, it will remain with you, often growing heavier as the years go by. And as we all know, dropping some of it is complicated and problematic. Life just seems to be that way. But the good news is that no matter what, you are still in control and even if you can’t release it today, you can at least identify it, compartmentalize it, minimize how it affects your life, and work on a solution to ridding yourself of it as soon as possible. It’s important to clear these hurdles out of our lives, as they prevent us from reaching the highest version of ourselves. We cannot be free to fly to dizzying heights if the anchors of negativity are chained to our ankles.

Before you go any further, I offer each of you a single thing to think about. It’s a key to healing and dealing emotional trauma. Three simple words…You Must Forgive. You must forgive those who transgressed against you. You must forgive yourself for ways you may have reacted. You must forgive those who got caught in the collateral damage field. Without forgiveness, you may never be able to forget the past and put it where it belongs…in the past.

So now, as the thoughts are flowing and the energy is supportive, I ask each of you to take time to dive deeply into your subconscious and seek out the things that are holding you back. Find the fears, the self-imposed limitations, the energy vampires and manipulators who are trying to run your life for their benefit and not yours. Look for the places that make you sad, the actions that steal your time without any real value, and the moments that lead to your sadness and tears. You know what is in your way. But you also know that you have the power to clear the path. Now, I invite you to write them down and prepare to release them.

<offer paper and pencil to all participants to write down the things they wish to banish from their lives>

Each month, we gather together to support one another through the sometimes difficult journey of healing through casting off that which no longer serves us; we stand united to help each other cut the cords of energy thieves; we open up our bounty of goodness and positivity to fill this circle with comforting strength; we support because we care. If you need a shoulder to lean upon, let mine be the first, and the person next to me the second, and the person next to them the third, until all shoulders are there, along with strong supportive arms. And if you shed tears, we all share in your struggle. And if you are struggling with your spirituality, call upon your ancestors and the ancestors of those ancestors, for they wait on the other side to do battle with the forces of darkness; call upon them and they will answer. My hands are clasped and I call upon the powerful lunar energy of the Flower Moon to give you the strength you need, today and forever more to rise up and above.

Now, if you have something you wish to release, then please approach the flames, commit the sheet to the fire, watch it burn away and send it to the skies above in an act of permanent banishment.

As you burn your paper or items, say “I banish that which no longer serves me”.

<allow plenty of time here, and once all have participated who wish to, continue>

Cleansing is both uplifting and exhausting. It’s an emotional battle within. And yet, it’s a battle which must be fought and must be won. We are lighter, more agile and nimble with the weight of that unwanted baggage lifted from our spiritual selves. Yet, do not leave here thinking this is permanent. Those who had the cords will certainly feel them being cut away. The places of negativity will still exist, waiting to lure you back inside. Bad habit are easy to fall back into. Cleansing leaves an empty space in your heart and soul.  That space must be filled with positive things or it’s susceptible to negativity again. Do not break the resolve you have committed to on this night. Follow through on your commitment to yourself. Set new goals, find new things, commune with nature, use your time wisely and effectively. Step forth with a purpose and do not look behind you, as you aren’t going backwards. You are going forward with a newfound passion for life, growth, and above all, your own happiness.

flower moon

Closing the Full Flower Moon Circle

Now join me once again as we draw down the night, and look to the north. As the magnificent lunar energy washes across the land, and each of us has shed the burdensome weight of negativity, we have a new perspective on things. Our circle shall come to a close, but not the teachings, moments of fellowship, and stimulating thoughts. Take with you a renewed sense of spirituality and a wiser outlook on the coming days. <extinguish green candle>

The west always rises to the surface when it comes to talk of closure or completion. The setting sun has entrenched such a powerful symbol in each of us. It indeed is the ending point, but says so much more, for tomorrow, there is a new awakening. Trust in that simplicity. Understand that all things are cyclic and that all endings can have fresh beginnings. <extinguish blue candle>

Now to the south, for on full moon nights, we are reminded of the power of fire, in all of it’s majesty and mystery. For even now, as the embers are still aglow, we can look deep into the subtle movements to scry hidden messages. We must take notice and believe in the eternity of the spark of life, the never-ending emergence of new life, and the perpetual change always happening. <extinguish red candle>

And finally we turn our gaze once again to the east, and we do so with fondness and gratitude in our hearts. For we have been enlightened by the teachings of abundance, and recharged by the moon. We have been blessed to share space with one another, and we leave here knowing that we are not alone in this world. The spirits of air are constant companions, encouraging us, guiding us, and passing the messages from our ancestors and the universe on the whispering breeze. <extinguish yellow candle>

We gather our strength from many sources but all point towards the Goddesses. We bask in the powerful lunar energy, and the grounding energy of the very earth itself, and yet it is but a small portion of the many energy sources of the universe. As we part, for each and all, I ask for blessings, fortitude, and the love and compassion that brings us together. We are stronger together and our bonds forever. Go now in peace. This circle is open, but the connection is never broken.

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