Mabon Ritual 2022 – A Great Celebration of the Second Harvest


Mabon, the second harvest and the true Thanksgiving feast. Tonight we are at a great halfway point. The sun was at it’s peak of Litha and shall be at its low during Yule. Today the light and the darkness are in harmony. A balance the modern world called the vernal equinox or fall equinox. We are only gifted two such nights each year. Tonight and on Ostara, the spring equinox. From this night forward, the days shall shrink and the nights become longer and longer until the deep darkness of winter sets in.

This year, the fall equinox will be Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 7:04 P.M. MST. Next year it will occur on the 23rd. The vernal equinox occurs simultaneously around the globe. Adjust from Mountain Time to pinpoint the exact time in your area. In America, the vernal equinox is considered the official first day of autumn. Our ancestors would gather together and celebrate on Mabon as it occurred during the peak harvesting period of the most important harvests of the year. Key survival foods were harvested and put into storage for the winter during this time of the year. This included apples, onions, potatoes, pears, corn, carrots, turnips, hard squash, cabbage, and many more.

Our Mabon ritual for 2022 focuses on Mother Earth, giving thanks, and sharing good times with our kin our friends and our clan.

If you plan on hosting a group to perform this Mabon ritual, know in advance the following. It is a feast/drink inclusive ritual. Inform your guests to bring a dish to pass that can be served outside. You will need a larger space than your traditional alter to place the food & drink (don’t forget drinks) on. Their is a list of items to gather for the ceremony (as written).

mabon ritual 2022

Mabon Ritual 2022 Preparations

This ritual is designed for a a small to medium-sized group and is best performed outside around a generous bonfire. Please be aware of local conditions for fire safety and be vigilant during the ceremony.

What items you’ll need to collect for this Mabon ritual (as written)

Four quarter candles – yellow (east), red (south), green (north), blue (west)
A bounty of food items for the altar (apples, squash, root vegetables, persimmons, pomegranates, pears, potatoes, onions, etc.)
Baskets and Bottles (food and drinks to share / fall themed)
A Rose, a long crystal (white preferred), a leafy branch, a feather, and a sturdy stick that can be burned on one end
Goddess Candle (White)
Mabon Candle (Gold)

This ritual requires a ritual leader and an assistant. Instructions are shown in italic and also bracketed by these <> symbols. They are not to be spoken aloud, rather to be used to facilitate the activities and components of the ceremony. 

Our Mabon Ritual Begins

<Instead of exclusively using a Wand or Athame in the casting of the circle, this ritual uses different objects for each direction. See further instructions below. As you point, turn and face each of the directions while creating the circle, ask all participants to turn in the direction, following your lead. For the God/Goddess introductions, point towards the sky> <Call all attendees to join you in a circle around the bonfire and ask for silence before beginning>

I cast this circle round and round from earth to sky, from sky to ground. I conjure now this sacred space, outside of time, outside of place.  The circle is now cast; we are between the worlds.

Calling the Quarters

East <use the feather as your wand>

Our journey begins in the East, the direction of Air and the rising sun. We call upon the spirits to join us on this night of balance, celebration, and fellowship. This feather is a symbol of the great power of air. As we commune with the spirits, we are renewed in spirit as we ascend higher and higher upon the invisible to discover new ways to advance our own self-development and bring a fresh perspective to our imagination. <the assistant lights the yellow candle> 

South <use a burning stick from the firepit as your wand>

Next, we turn our attention to the South, the direction of Fire and the mid-day sun. Our collective welcome, we offer to the spirits dynamic and untamed energy. The flames of red, orange, and gold are spilling their coloration across the lands as we the threshers and reapers work the fields and trees. We are victorious in our quests to provide and prepare. And although our physical selves toil, our minds are engaged in the activities of our youth, keeping our spirits young and our hearts filled with love.  <the assistant lights the red candle>

West <use a clear or blue/green crystal as your wand>

Your attention to the West, as we turn to the direction of Water and the setting sun. We humbly request the presence of the spirits to cleanse and purify each of us and this sacred space of gathering. As we connect with the morning dew, drink from the mighty river, and bow our heads in the fields as the gentle rains fall, our admiration continues to grow. The west is the direction which represent autumn and the world preparing to rest. As the nights grow longer, the wisdom of releasing the past and embracing the future shall become more evident and important.  <the assistant lights the blue candle>

North <use a leafy branch as your wand>

Now turn to the North, the direction of Earth and guiding light of the moon. All creatures that make the ground, branch, and cave their home are welcome to join us in fellowship and celebration. For now is the time to focus our magick on protective and grounding rites as the darkness will soon be upon us. Share the logic of creation, the intellect of decision and the wisdom of both words and silence; for soon the time of recovery will be upon us and we can focus on our spiritual growth.  <assistant lights the green candle>

Goddess <use a rose as your wand>

Great Goddess, as we peer upward into the great unknown, we have no fear, for you are always with us. Protecting our bodies against the elements, shielding us from the arrows and blades of our enemies, and providing for us that which we need but not to excess. As we gather to share in this Mabon ritual, our thanksgiving is absolute and complete. We re thankful for the harvest and knowing that we shall survive to see another summer. For it is by your grace that we walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and it is by your love that we are able to share with one another. For are forever thankful.<assistant lights the White Goddess candle>

Hail one and all and a glorious welcome to our Mabon ritual !

<The gold candle will be used deeper into the ceremony>

Mabon Ritual 2022


The sky is a pure masterpiece as always. The moon is but a fractional sliver, three nights until new. The twinkling stars and clear skies will soon yield to the grey and cloudy. As we enjoy this last night of summer in good company to celebrate the second of the three great harvest festivals. But, before we begin our journey into the origins of Mabon, we’ll enjoy a bit of music.

Musical Interlude

The song chosen for tonight isn’t specific to Mabon, or even a song of thanksgiving. It is however a rousing and uplifting song that will take you back to the days when the world was younger and still filled with mystery. The title is The Circle and the band is called Blackmore’s Night (pictured above). This song just begs you to dance around the fire. It begins in ancient world, pulling you into a place of your visions, and from there you gather speed, moving across time and space into the modern world. Prepare to have your energy raised! <assistant plays the song in the method of their choosing>

Mabon: The Celtic God of the Harvest

The term Mabon has been used to mark the celebration of the fall equinox for just over 50 years. The celebration itself took place for thousands of years without a name. The ancient Celts would gather together, with the women and children coming down from the pastureland and the men in from the fields. They would feast and offer thanksgiving for the successful harvest. As the different neo-pagan groups grew in the western world, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, there began a formalization of the Sabbats. The name fits perfectly

The Welsh Celtic God of Light, Death, and Resurrection was named Mabon. He was the son of Modron who was called “The Great Mother,” an Earth Goddess likely the ancient version of Mother Nature. In the ancient writings, he was known as the “Divine One” and “The Great Son.” Those stories also tell the account of Mabon being snatched from his cradle at only three days old. He was taken to the otherworld but was rescued and returned to his Mother’s loving arms. This otherworld was located inside of her womb. The duality made Mabon the oldest and youngest of the Gods. The immortal that glows with the embodiment of youth. As much in the light as in the darkness, he is the living embodiment of balance. Balance, equality, the moment where everything seems to be as it should be.

So, as we are gathered under the dark sky, we must bring balance to our sacred space. For this, we shall light a gold candle, and it’s light shall serve to balance the dark of night.  <assistant lights gold candle>

mabon ritual 2022

Mabon – The Second Harvest

Tomorrow we welcome Autumn with all of its colorful glory. As summer fades for yet another turn of the wheel, we are feeling blessed. The sun was hot and high in the sky. Some rain fell, but we were never in want for water. Crops flourished; some gave us a bit of worry, but those late bloomers weren’t left behind. We cut and clipped, dug and washed, wrapped and stacked, until our cellars were bursting and our cupboards full. This is the gift of the second harvest.

Three times each summer. Three great harvests. The first is the harvest of the grain at Lammas. The second is Mabon, when we pick the fruit, gather the hard squashes and pumpkins, and dig the turnips, potatoes, and onions. We cut the corn, pick and dry the herbs, pickle, pack, and preserve all that we can. And the last harvest is Samhain, the Celtic New Year, and when we harvest the mints, roots, the forest herbs and the last of the row crops.

The celebration of Mabon is the celebration of Thanksgiving; a time when everything was fresh from the field and harvesting was going on continually. The second harvest is the most important as it the source of most of the food for the winter. And even with the importance being such, everyone stopped on the Equinox to offer thanks to the Gods and the Goddesses for the gifts which they were receiving. Although times are much different now, being thankful remains the same. We are gathered here together tonight to collectively offer thanks to everything and anything.

Ask yourselves what are you thankful for? I’m thankful for …… <ritual leader should answer this truthfully. Such as I am thankful for my wonderful partner or I am thankful for getting a new job>

<the ritual leader then walks around the circle, speaking directly to each person, asking them “what are you thankful for?” >

So many wonderful things and so much gratitude. The power of love and kindness has filled our circle and the energy is magic! Now join me and raise your hands to the sky. <The ritual leader should speak the prayer loudly and with passion – either memorize it or have the assistant hold up a copy on paper>

Thanksgiving Prayer

Great Gods, Great Goddesses,
It is with continued admiration,
A joyful and willing heart,
And the deepest of respect
That we your humble servants
Do offer our deepest Thank You
For your guiding love
And your endless giving
For your teachings and care
Protection and preservation
And complete forgiveness
With love in our hearts
Blessed be!

mabon ritual 2022

Thanksgiving – Sharing Food and Drink

<if having food or drink will be a problem, you can skip this portion>

Autumn is upon us. The harvest is nearly complete. Soon the herds will be brought home to winter. We’ll have milk and meat for the winter. The grain is already secured. Cellars are filling with the bounty of the roots and vines. Split branch piled high for the fire. Trees will be picked and strong drinks will be fermented. We relish in the thought of our bellies fat and our thirst quenched.

But we are not here to think of the future. Tonight we feast and we drink and we sing songs about our ancestors and dance around the great bonfire. We make the great noise of a happy gathering with joy in our hearts.

<Share your refreshments – remind everyone to stay in the circle>

The Mabon Ritual 2022 Comes to an End – Closing Circle

North <use a leafy branch as your wand>

As our Mabon ritual comes to a close, we leave renewed and replenished. We look to the North, where the night skies never end and the spirits of Earth make their way home. A great thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest. We look forward to the months ahead when the fields are barren but our homes are overgrown with security of life.  <assistant extinguishes the green candle>

West <use a clear or blue/green crystal as your wand>

Now turn your eyes to the West, as we bid a good evening to the spirits of water, we feel a great rush of energy. A final cleansing of our spiritual selves as they flow away. As we begin autumn, we shall spend more time with the water spirits, for this is their season. We never forget the lessons of water and the protections it provides.  <the assistant lights the blue candle>

South <use a burning stick from the firepit as your wand>

Next, we turn our attention to the South and bid farewell to the spirits of Fire. Our thanks has no bounds for the great gift of fire. As we prepare for winter, the gift grows in value and makes the difference between life and something other. For every warm home, ever cooked meal, and every light in a darkened room, we say thanks.  <the assistant extinguishes the red candle>

East <use the feather as your wand>

Where it began, also so it end. We take a final look to the East and stand rigid as the great spirits of air wander between us, before gathering speed and shooting skyward. We are motivated and we are ready to finish the final steps of the journey before settling down for a time of meditation, learning, processing, and planning. The great wheel continues to turn and we continue to evolve with it. <the assistant extinguishes the yellow candle> 

Mabon <use the rose as your wand>

Great God Mabon, let us always remember the lesson of balance that was reinforced here this night. All things work as they should when they are in perfect harmony. We shall use the remaining night to contemplate and consider those things which raise questions. <the assistant extinguishes gold candle>

Goddess <use a rose as your wand>

Great Goddess, as our Mabon ritual comes to a close, we again find ourselves peering upward into the great unknown. Our questions are many, but our sense of urgency is calm. We understand that knowledge is the truest form of wisdom, so we choose to knowingly immerse ourselves in the ways of the forest and the fowl. We watch and listen to the wind and the trees. Our senses are sharpened by the smell of the smoke, the thickness of the ice, and the moss on the tree. For all of these, we are thankful. As the deep winter comes, then shall our time to think and ponder, grow. Guide us as we take that journey of understanding.  <assistant extinguishes the White Goddess candle>

The circle is now open, to all I bid farewell !


mabon ritual 2022

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We have a large database of free Rites & Rituals dating back for many years – use them as they are or use them to get started writing your own ceremonies. There is no wrong way to celebrate or offer thanks to the Gods and Goddesses you have chosen to give allegiance to.


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