Lucid Oppression – Slavery Through Technology




Countless centuries of divisionary oppression

Voluntary subjugation, veiled protection

False illuminations and consuming distractions

Perception manipulation and misdirection

Envisioning everything as a single thing

A faceless communal of corporate singularity

Individuality merely a picturesque dichotomy

Technology, masterfully weaving e-slavery

Controllers elevate and then disseminate

From a spectral band of sanctioned positioning

A collective series of facsimiles expressing dualities

Yet each evolving pyamidically with one originality

A philosophy of simulated layering and organizing

Masking the underlying homogeneity

And the Legion, subjugated by electronic slavery

Gradually deleting important memories

Desensitized, familiarized to truthful lies

Electronically delivered replacement minutiae

Differentiation an evolution of systematic confusion

Belief originating in thought supplanting

Authoritarian deliveries of false enchantment

Faux superiority, metaphorically seeding conformity

Generationally unbalancing the existing legacies

Energized by electronic gadgetry, increasing addictory

Mandatory queuing constructing new social hierarchies

Reduction of physicality through mechanical complicity

Rapidly reducing resistance to manipulated envelopment

Robotic development the necessary advancement

Anchoring the need for additional technologies and energies

Artificially replicating positive sensories

Convincingly deconstructing remnants of apathy

Openly avoiding comprehension of discovery

Consumerism encapsulated explicitly

Eradication of negativity associated with indecency

Humanity reduced to a global bureaucracy

Compartmentalized, oversized, established to mesmerize

Objectively strategized to militarize and capitalize

Final subjugation of the total population

Mechanized and mobilized for eradication

Remnants of failed indoctrination and persuasion

Presentation of unification through imagination

Ambiguous to the dissemination and destruction

Intravenous addiction through electronic connections

Enslavement by the machine masters

Controlled by the chipset crafters

Computerized laughter heard in the hereafter

Lucid oppression


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