One Chapter Ending and Another Beginning – Love Shows as it Grows



Crisp swirling winds are upon our doorstep

Rattling leaves and the sounds of autumn

Composing a symphony of seasonal changes

Faint hints of sage and pine upon the breeze

Burning wood and a hint of snow in the air

While spiritual artists re-brush the landscape

Oranges, browns, reds, and yellowish hues

Our eyes sparkling in the presence of greatness

Together we stroll the fringes of our lands

Two souls forever joined in natural harmony

Your hand nestled deeply in the warmth of mine

Each step effortless and each moment priceless

Shared words only spoken when needed

For our thoughts always cross in passing

What one thinks, the other just seems to know

Such as the seasonal bounty has passed

Dried vines from our pumpkins and squash

Borage stalks bent and given over to brown

Vegetable plots now gathering moving debris

While high above the naked branches speak

The language of the trees; to us is well known

Whispering reminders of days soon to come

Days when all this will be hidden by the white

When the whispers become shrieks and howls

And walking no longer a leisurely process

But for the waiting; those days are in the future

Seize the now and live in the last of the moment

The sun still shares the last of its seasonal warmth

Skies above still pleasant and cloudless

And each day the evening comes a bit quicker

But for now, we revel in the last of the moments

Time shared is time spared from things mundane

Tasks put aside, for these times of togetherness

Are truly the moments of forever remembrance

Our cheeks rosy from the wind, but not cold

Two smiles filled with nothing but true love

Hearts beating in perfect synchronicity

A shared soul is our encompassing circle

Sacred, magickal, and infinite beyond imagination

For the land, we profess our undying adoration

Sustenance, health, and our family security

For each other, mere words find such struggle

Ours is a love so far beyond and definition

And yet rooted simplistically and earthbound

Such as it is with the herbs in our gardens

Fertile plots where we’ve invested energies

‘Tis where we’ve planted our familial seeds

And as it grows, so does the land around us

Once new, like a virgin field awaiting the plow

With sharing and care, now a gathering place

Where bees and fowl and living things venture

Spirits and faeries and all things elemental

As teeming life beckons to life’s greatest gifts

I’m reminded of this journey we’ve taken

By the warmth of your hand, nestled in mine

The paths we’ve taken and the seeds planted

Crops we’ve harvested, season after season

Watching the saplings grow into great trees

And as we prepare for the coming winter

Such is the great tale in the story of living

One chapter nearly ending but another beginning

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