Love Rides the Wind

A young woman with wind in her hair

I sent you my love today

Riding along a gentle gust of wind

It slipped along your sheets while you slept

And when you rose, it touched your cheek

Think back upon your slumber

 The back door still ajar from the night afore

Just enough to stave off the heat

Swirling winds snaked across the floor

That tingling upon your neck

Touching at last your lips

In a long sensuous kiss

Lightly brushing your hair

Before wrapping itself around you

Completely enveloping you

Poised patiently for your next breath

How it filled you completely

Your heart awash in emotion

Enlightened by an eternal impression

My love is always there for you

Powerful, strong and true

If you find you need me

Reach out and touch the breeze

Close your eyes and let its music be heard

Feel strong arms wrapped around you

Lean forward or back

You shall not fall

Step forth and begin the day

Cherish the space between memory and now

Both are your reality

Share your beautiful smile, remembering

Love rides the wind

Air – often called wind – is one of the four elements vital to human survival, along with fire, earth, and water.  It moves with mystery, coming and going without warning, rising to gale force and then abruptly dissipating to nothingness.  In magikal terms, air is the power of the mind, it is ideas and inspiration, dreams, knowledge, and energy.

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