The Lone Gypsy

Lone Gypsy

Gyspy DrumLone Gypsy

A lone gypsy stood shuddering as he alternated strikes from the center of the drum head to the edges.
His raw energy radiated from every pore as he concentrated on mystical, near electric rhythm
The drum was something to be admired, worn smooth from an eternity of handling
It was a very ancient piece but so chock full of vibrato that it had the sound of liquid sex.
Across the way, a woman sat cross-legged, unable to walk away but slightly terrified to approach him.
Her studious gaze drank in his every feature, his swarthy skin and wild colorful clothing
Her mind clouded over as she envisioned why the drummer played with such ferocity.
Perhaps his was the strength behind a troupe of mystical dancers who mesmerized souls abound
Faces covered and traditional velvet cloaks covering sheer pants and embroidered tops.
Eyes sparkling like jewels peering out from their deep recesses to penetrate the souls of men
She could see them in her mind, several exotic curvy nymphs who moved like the wind itself
They began to undulate slowly to his music, trancelike but sharp, dancing with silken fluidity
The lone sentinel gradually increased his drumming, speed bringing on a recklessness of desire
Silken scarves intertwined the many, pulling tight toward the few, and finally to but one
The sight languished for a moment, like a fading picture trapped on a whisper of the mind’s eye
The cross-legged woman stood not certain of where or when this moment was or would end up
Shaky and clearly flushed, like an emotional tide had washed across her very existence
Her body quivered in light spasms as her muscles involuntarily contracted until her vision cleared
Could this be real she contemplated, of just the scant remaining figment of a lucid dream?
She shielded her eyes to scan the horizon, searching the barren hilltop for some trace of the man
Too long did she hold her breathing, focusing her every ounce of strength to hear but a single beat
As the moment had come upon her like nothing she had ever imagined, so now did it pass by.
Perhaps tomorrow should reveal the if’s and the and’s and the why’s of this fleeting vision
This place, either now or sometime in ages long since passed, things seemed very thin around her
Like the veil between now and yesteryear was but a gauzy curtain, held back by but a whisper
Her mind set forth to conjure up the key to unlock that final door, but alas the blood only pounded
Her eyes set to weaken and muscles away to fatigue, she abandoned the moment for reality
For days, or could months have passed she lingered on that eternal night, until time again passed
Silver flashes sometimes invaded her dreamscape with mirrored reflections too complex to read
Soon summer finally gave up its hold on the world and gave way to the brisk northern winds
And finally the cleansing of the powdery snow fell and covered the soil and brought chilly thoughts
Yet on a cold night, deep in the recesses of the ice-bound forest, a soft gust of wind began building
As it slipped mercilessly across frozen ponds and barren fields, it gathered pure energy and guidance
Away toward the hillock it slithered, stopping only to dance with the fallen leaves and branches
The gale grew and carried for miles but nary a living soul was near to feel its piercing sting hit
For on a path to a place with a purpose did this magickal swirl find itself reaching forth to see
And upon an abrupt arrival did the gale calm and give forth the energy to a quiet field near a hill
And when it died to but a whisper, did the veil ripple…slowly at first, hidden to any outsiders gaze
Then with a soft slide, did the gates of her dreamworld slip open for a long and luxurious moment
The ethereal light inside gathered tenuously at the rift, fearing the cold and unsure of the time.
Yet a soft pillow of breeze slipped near and offered a comforting and familiar sight in a beckoning
The cross-legged girl writhed about in her slumber, her body drenched in a comforting sweat
Her silken hair matted slightly to her forehead and clear movement exposed under her closed eyes
Her head slowly undulated turning fro and to and back again as if she was part of a mystical dance
So too did her luscious lips swell and her bosom heave as her back arched slightly and stiffly
The rawness of the dream gave way to the moment as she realized things of another way were about
And sights and sounds not of this moment were flooding all around her, enveloping and dreamy
Like the hands of a thousand were all touching her with their undying passion she writhed
She cried out, was it in the dream or perhaps heard to the world of the living she knew not
For the moment was here and now and she would not and could not escape its sultry grasp
She abandoned the blankets but not the slumber for the visions were not yet clear to her
Forests and mountains passed by in a blur as she found herself in a heady climb skyward
Quickly she covered the moments through time and the years gave way to the seasons
And she heard the sound her heart had longed for from that moment in the twilight
The beating of that gypsy drum, deep and soulful resonated out from every corner of the world
She searched with abandon to find the man, her memories strained to reveal him once again.
Yet in her haste she failed to gather the sights surrounding her were not as they once had been
For the field and lone hill had morphed into a dense jungle, wild with an emerald canopy
Full, ripe fruit hung heavy from the dark branches, while hanging moss shadowed the land
And moist, a soft wetness only found within a few secret places, most often hidden from view
The richness of the foliage gave way to scant openings where golden slivers of light pressed down
She drank in the dense heat, as the steam of this time warmed her tired human form
Listening to the drumbeat she tried to follow its sound, but the echoes tricked her into staying
Her vision clouded as she spun in an eternal circle, her feral nature taking over as she poised to hunt
Eye sharpened like razors as she went from starlet to seeker, all awareness became apparent
His scent permeated the heavy air like a heady perfume, laden with tones of erotic muskiness
She drank it in as an intoxicant, bringer her to a higher plane, feeling him, yet still at a distance
As the beat continued pounding, faster and with a building force, her stance went to a crouch
Seconds begat moments and she felt her loins relax and her sinews rest when she spied the reward
He made no move to hide from her and brazenly walked into the clearing some lengths away
In her stance she appeared like a hungry feline, curiously eyeing prey before making the fatal move
Yet she was struck by this sudden act of boldness and gathered her thoughts and wonders
For this hunt had suddenly and without warning materialized deep from her ancient nature
Yet this man was no prey and she had long ago cast off the mantle of stripes which had emblazoned her
Tigress they had called her, that much she remembered, yet the moment was quickly fleeting
Again she stood on wobbly legs, her skin slick with wetness from the moment of being and returning
His chin set deep within the recess of his chest shrouded him from a clear view, perhaps to hide
His skin carried the scars of many past lifetimes and a darkness clouded his hidden features
Yet he strode forward in a slow rhythm projecting a reckless abandoned but carefully presented
For she could sense his presence was more than just introductory as was deliberate in his stride
Tis true, she also had that feeling and found herself at last able to progress past this space in time
She stepped cautiously toward him as he continued to pace closer and closer, his breath laboring
The wind came but was turned away but some unknown hand as not to cool the heated landscape
When the distance became mute, she saw the hunger in his eyes and the passion that drove it
For she was to be his conquest, here and now, her heart had so longed for this moment now upon her
As he closed, her bosom again heaved forward and all that she was strained to reach out to him
Their eyes locked in a dance that erupted into a powerful moment, when space and time were still
As the last distance was finally cleared and the arms of distant lovers reached for one another finally
True passion gave way to an embrace of epic proportions with every fiber of existence taking part
For that which was once a dreamy ideal had now stepped forth, alive and with masculine form
As his lips came forth to share in that first kiss, she closed her eyes slightly and nearly wept
For all of the heat and the wetness has nurtured the passion and driven her with a mad sort of lust
Yet the pure white light that bathed her soul at the time of reckoning overwhelmed her very spirit
For sayest that a kiss is just a kiss cannot and should not be applied to this second of this very kiss
As arms and legs intertwined and the two became one, the world around moved on its own
For this moment of lovers trapped in eternal ecstasy, rolling and gliding across their passionate world
Giving and sharing the freedom of the love they share, whispering soft and sweet words of love
Now is the moment of love revealed, in all its glorious passion, when dreams become real,
Stillness becomes motion, and darkness gathers a new light to shine upon their world.

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