Rejoice in the light

Measure the day by its length

Place a hand on the warmth

Fulfillment, celebration, climax

The Goddess, her belly grows

A new life dwells inside

Illuminative powers peak

The zenith point achieved

Akin to a stoppage and stillness

Hilltop bonfires

And spaces in between

Polarity and balance

Fire and Water

The Oak King yields

His greenwood throne open

For the ascendency of the Holly King

Waning times beckon passions

In every household

Two converge to be one

A commitment for eternity

Growth in the garden

Prosperity in the master chamber

Excesses from a generous mother

Abundance holds direction

Recognize the faeries

Honor those with child

Take pleasure in giving

Midsummer Celebration

Litha takes place on June 21/22 and is the high point of summer, the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.  Litha is a time to find the perfect balance in your life, just as the day and night do. It’s a time to celebrate and honor the space between earth and the great above.  Bonfires will be lit upon hilltops across the land to celebrate Midsummers Eve.  Litha comes from the name of a month (June) in the early Anglo-Saxon calendar – the term Midsummer was always used in ancient days, pre-dating Christainity by over a thousand years.

If You Follow a Pagan Path

Litha Ritual

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