A Lifetime Found in an Evening


A Lifetime Found in an Evening

Night falls, darkness creeps across the land, silently and effortlessly, closing around everything

High above the quiet landscape, watching it melting effortlessly into the abyss of the evening

A gentle soft glow lights the starry sky, the night has no power here, for the protector has risen

Spill your light upon us sir moon, bathe us in your luminescent shower of nighttime sunshine

We two have been sitting here awaiting your return to your rightful place high in the endless sky

Lest two lovers be caught without your ethereal presence to cast our shadows on the ground

We beseech you good fellow, shine bright through this entire evening, never tiring, never weak

As you shall shine, we shall have our moments together, one graceful hand held by one not so

Whispered words, so light and airy that only the other would feel their sounds gliding by

A moment of tenderness, forever preserved as long as you, master of the evening sky, give of you

My love, words cannot express my feelings for you, no, the way I will now and forever live for you

Life cannot have meaning unless I am allowed the pleasure and the honor of spending it with you

Give me but a few moments of your time and I shall sing of the happiness and joy I feel daily

My voice will ring loudly and true of the echoes of the days spent in a state of utter and pure bliss

Always shall my heart be changed by each moment of each passing day spent in your company

Love has been the binding inter-twining thread which has forever connected my soul to yours

Your words pour directly into my heart, caressing it with their passions and heartfelt meanings

I offer you my hand, never shall I waver, nor shall retreat be in my credo, for I stand for you

My love for you shall be the love the all mortal men choose to judge their love by for it is pure

Our time shall be time that no other woman or other man shall ever be able to make of their own

evening whisper

Rest your head across me, for tonight the world belongs to only two lovers, you and I

I shall remember the beginning, the first moment of being, when lives were forever changed

Once told a story of one man, a man of great potential, but also a man of human ways and times

Times had been good for him, times had been poor, teaching the man many ways of the world

He wandered the world not knowing where the next day would allow him to share of the planet

Yes, he stopped and waited for a while from one place to the next, looking for something, but not

Time was his friend, as were the gods and the stars on the fateful day when time stood still

Beauty has been described throughout the ages by many, many men, better than I for writing

Yet men write words about places they have not yet been to, and things they haven’t seen

I’m not of those men, for I have seen the things which others only dream of; I have seen the light

She stood quietly, a jewel amongst stones, a light emitting from the darkness, a dove of peace

Hearts abound gave hold but for a moment, voices were silent, and words trailed and faded

Eyes told the thoughts of many a young man throughout that room, all seemed to have them

Admiration across the crowded room, catching a glimpse of her as she waded through the throng

Like waves in a turbulent ocean, attendants moved all around her, until she was alas, not found

Sadness descended upon the man, for what was never found, shall now surely be forever lost

Evening darkened and the night air grew damp and chilly, the gala crowd thinned and vanished

He had his moment, he thought to himself, his mind would forever carry the glimpse of her

She had something, he was sure of it, but how to ever see it, for his chances were few and fading

If only a second chance would be granted, he looked heavenward and closed his eyes in a prayer

Alas, the night air thinned and the evening began to fade until utter darkness captured the earth

A last stroll amongst the gardens would be all the man would take from this most joyous night

Red and amber lights illuminated the rocks surrounding the waterfall, splashing intermingled

Light mixes with water, creations bursting with colors, but still solid, casting reflections skyward

The man was impressed; moments would be spent in awe of this wonderful sight, drinking it in

A single ray of light rose up and over the water, sharing of itself like a rainbow cast from heaven

The man wondered where that light came from and ultimately, where it would finally end up

Curiosity finally his ally and he released his starry-eyed gaze from the tendrils of curling light

Over the waterfall did his eyes search the room, all the while wondering where his glance went

The winds were kind, the sighted journey ended, his eyes settled on the goddess sitting afar

As if the very skies had opened up and daylight had shown its radiance in a single point of light

The man shielded his eyes for but a moment as he strained to drink in everything at once

Pure beauty, timeless and magical, sitting within distance of a very short walk, oh what luck

Courage summoned, heart racing, blood flowing warm, beads of perspiration on his palms

One step taken, another, feet seemingly starting to float as the man glided across the venue

All around him blurry, only the vision in chiffon would come into focus for he had been smitten

If only a single word would pass from her lips would the man forever be indebted to the gods

Her hair flowing like the waterfall which had once captured his gaze, full of life, deep and rich

Eyes sparkling like precious stones lying in that bubbling pool, while the light dance upon them

Closer he moved, timing each step, hoping with all of himself to feel her breath touch his soul

music of the evening

A moment etched in the annals of time took place that fateful day; when time stood again still

From then forward, her life forever be changed, as his life shall also, greatness would fall them

Ask of me and I shall give, tell me what makes your heart beat and I shall stoke that fire

Drink of my cup, and forever I shall offer libations to your beauty, just as you deserve

A goddess, one sent to earth to give a mere mortal man a chance to walk in the presence of purity

He spoke the words confidently, for once in his life, never had the man ever felt the way he did

The night air filled the room with a sweetness reserved for those few who knew how to enjoy it

Come walk, he bade her, for the man knew that he must preserve each moment for it may end

Challenge me, the words spilled from his lips, for no other man shall win your heart over I

And she did, with a soul overflowing with his affection and never again would she be amiss

magical evening

Today my love I come to you naked and without pride or prejudice, my heart is overjoyed

Share something with me, not a material thing, no m’lady, I ask you to pledge your forever

My soul is yours for eternity and as long as we both shall exist , my body is yours as well

Ask of me, and I shall give, seek me out and I shall listen, hold me and we can share my sight

Take my hand with strength and conviction, lace my fingers through yours and walk with me

Our canopy shall be the sky above and the creatures of the forest shall be our guide

I love you, more than any man has ever loved a woman before nor shall ever love again

Bathe me in beauty as long as I shall walk on this plane and wait for me if you shall go ahead

Eternity will not be enough time for me with you as my partner, my friend, my lover, and my wife

Endless light bathes the lands, blessing us on this day when you and I chose to become one.

evening splendor

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