The Last Thoughts of a Broken Man


When a human being has lost some or most of their humanity, society calls them broken.  These broken men and broken women live through pain, anguish, suffering, and terrible loss; sometimes silently, other times they allow it to be unleashed in a violent torrent of everything all at once.  To feel that kind of pain, if only for a moment, can forever change someone’s life.

The Last Thoughts of a Broken Man

I’ve lain my hands on the altar of righteousness

Felt the stiffness of years of heavy toil

Blood pulsating, veins angry and raised

My tasks bringing constant pain

Weary moments are all that remains

I cry out asking “when shall I be judged!?”

For I’ve given more than a shared measure

Spoken the words until the rawness lingered

Carried the standard when others fell

“Have I made a difference” is all I ask

Will time remember moments as this?

The acrid smoke of long burnt fires

Salty stains from the acidic rains

The timbers of what was new lay broken

Rust, decay, and jumbled overgrown debris

I pray to… I yell at and curse out loud

Feelings erupt and then bring a silent rage

A quick flare, then rapidly dimming

My strength finally gives over to weakness

Yearning for emancipation

Totally numb to the hereafter

Silently surrendering

Nothing remains

Only tears

And pain


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