Lady of the Moon


The Lady of the Moon

To all things, she’s attuned

Always smiling

And quite beguiling

Looking down

On the world around

Her nightly journey

Light and pearly

Quaint and lively

In stunning ivory

Ever timeless

She calls in silence

Whether waxing or waning

Shrinking or gaining

Whether new or full

She exerts her pull

Illuminating and pulsating

Stimulating and captivating

She’s magical

And classical

Her history

Filled with mystery

How she cleverly

Shares her energies

The many times

Ageless signs

Gorgeous sight

On a full moon night

She divides

Our ocean tides

Many mazes

In her phases

The nightly seeing

By every being

Plus in our dreams

And in-between

If you’ve missed her power

Wait for hours

You’ll see her soon

Lovely Lady of the Moon


Moon Prophecies

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Lady In The Moon Artwork

Jackson Pollock, an American Artist did several paintings that focused on the topic of the lady in the moon, or woman in the moon that can be seen below.  In each of these works, the artist has challenged the viewer to explore the contrast between the female figure and the complex background.

Lady in the Moon
Jackson Pollock, Moon Woman 1942
Lady in the moon
Jackson Pollock, The Moon Woman Cuts a Circle (1942)


Lady in the Moon
Jackson Pollock, The Mad Moon Woman (1941)
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