July 2020 Full Buck Moon – Healing Old Wounds


The month of July in 2020 is filled with celestial delights, beginning on July 4th with the Full Buck Moon.  For the first time in a while, those living in North America will be able to see a penumbral lunar eclipse.  In layman’s terms, viewers will observe that a portion of the full Moon (about 35%) will appear to be a somewhat dimmer than expected.  This will last for a few hours as the moon passes through Earth’s outer, fuzzy shadow in space; the planet’s penumbra.  The Full Buck Moon will peak in the night sky at 10:44 PM (MST).  We encourage everyone to keep their eyes on the night sky as this moon rises – you won’t be disappointed.

This eclipse will be visible from most of North America, except in the northernmost regions of Canada and Alaska. Set your clocks to see the process from start to finish.  Look to the heavens at 9:04 P.M. (MST) on July 4 to see the rising, and keep watching until the eclipse ends at 11:56 P.M..

The topic of our ritual tonight is ‘healing old wounds,’ something many of us seem to never get around to doing.  We instead choose one of a hundred different alternatives, such as unfriending people, ignoring the past transgression, or simply avoiding the problem.  Use this month’s Full Buck Moon celebration to find your inner courage and actually face those old wounds, and find a way to heal from them.  Seek out those who you’ve wronged as well as those who have wronged you, and make things right.  You may not walk away with a perfect scenario, but you will walk away with the piece of mind that you did all you could to mend things to the best of your abilities.

What You’ll Need For This Ritual

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Anthame or wand
Large White Goddess Candle – Goddess candle
Altar decorated with seasonal herbs, flowers, and foilage
Paper and pencils

Fire pit

Throughout this ritual, any text surrounded by these symbols < > should be considered instructional and not spoken aloud but done in accordance with the directions

July Full Buck Moon Ritual Begins

Up above, down below, across the ground and all around, a sacred sphere gathering here, no future, no present, nor past, I do decree this circle cast !

Calling the Quarters

Be vigilant and turn your eyes to the East, where the morning sun rises and the Air spirits reside.  We call upon the mighty wind to clear the air of all distractions and present us with a clear and open pathway to find that which we seek and overcome that which troubles us. <light yellow candle in the East>

With honor we now turn to the South, where the ancestors wait on the cusp and the eternal fires burn and cleanse that which no longer holds value.  We call upon the Fire spirits to join us with their mighty power of complete obliteration, so that the things we wish forever gone from our lives, shall truly be forever gone.  <light red candle in the south>

Respectfully, we now turn to the West, the direction of the setting sun and closure for each day.  We call upon the mysterious and powerful Water spirits to make their presence known to all who gather here.  Continue to provide us with the seemingly never-ending supply of clean fresh water, so as to nourish our bodies and our crops.  <light blue candle in the west>

And finally, with virtue in your heart and the full buck moon in your sight, turn your eyes to the North, where the source of all life can be found and the spirits of Earth whisper the sweet songs of summer into our ears.  We seek your council at our circle on this night, and for all nights thereafter.  <light green candle in the north>

Great Goddess, I invoke you to join in our July Full Moon Celebration – protect us in this circle so each individual may feel comforted and protected while immersed in the cleansing light of the moon.  Give us your strength to see beyond our worldly aspirations and seek a greater connection with the spirit world and our ancestors! <light Goddess candle>

Hail and welcome!

Opening statement

The Full Buck Moon is named so because this is the time of the year when the male deer sprout their majestic antlers.   Each year male deer shed their antlers sometime between January and April, depending on where they live, and then later grow new ones; right around the Full Buck Moon.  This phenomena is quite similar to how the trees shed their leaves each year; they are not useful at the time and so they are released.  The deer don’t question why this happens, nor do the trees.  July’s full moon is also called the Thunder Moon due to the high number of thunderstorms in July.   Some of the other lesser-known names are the Hay Moon, the Blessing Moon, Meadow Moon, and the Wort Moon.

Musical Interlude

For this month’s ritual I’ve chose a song by Faun, one of my favorite pagan bands.  It’s called Rosenrot and will most certainly get your energy stirring in preparation for the ritual.

July Full Moon – Lesson of the Session – Healing Old Wounds

It’s important to heal old wounds.  Some call it closure, others call it something akin to a rebirth depending on the severity of the wound.  Regardless of what you call it, a wound cannot heal unless it is properly cared for.  Physical wounds, when left untreated lead to infection and possibly worse.  Spiritual wounds do even more damage as they affect our entire selves.  They lay hidden beneath the surface and may cause anxiety, stress, fear, or any of a number of other negative side effects.  Those left untreated, will fester and only get worse over time.

On this Full Buck Moon, just like previous full moons, we are going to do a cleansing ritual, to rid ourselves of old and unwanted baggage.  For healing old wounds, we must understand that the first step is cleaning them, which often means doing some self-reflection and hard work.   We must release any feelings of guilt or shame associated with the wound, first, before we go any further.  If we were at fault, then we must forgive ourselves before attempting to forgive those who interacted with us.  If we weren’t at fault, then we must honestly and sincerely forgive whomever transgressed against us.  It’s impossible to go any further without these first critical steps.  This is also the most painful part of the process, because we are forced to face the wounds head-on, without any spin or excuses.  We must often relive a painful moment and see it for exactly what it was, and then perform a deep forensic examination.  This pain is often unbearable, and that’s why many old wounds are simply left to fester.

Once we have broken the seal and started down the path to recovery, we can look at these old wounds with an open mind.  We can see where fault lies, whether with us or someone else, and then apply forgiveness where necessary.  While we are in contemplation, it’s necessary to prepare ourselves to meet those who we’ve quarreled with, face to face.  This causes much anxiety with many people, and can be a second stopping point in the process.  Facing our fears or problems is no easy task.  It required fortitude and control over our emotions.  It also requires us to protect ourselves from further damage that could be caused by the confrontation.  At this point, we can talk to a trusted friend, do research, or simply practice spiritual defense methods to help build up for the moment of happening.

Once we’ve achieved a level of readiness, we must confidently go forth and seek the source of this injury, whether it be a person or persons, and open up a line of communication with them.  Remember that they might not be willing to speak with you, so be prepared for just about anything.  However, reaching out might also be what the other party had always wished for and things can go wonderful.  The key thing is to break the ice and get a conversation going.  Two parties cannot come to a compromise if they aren’t on speaking terms.  Be mindful of the other party’s feelings as you open up and share your deepest thoughts on the subject.  Don’t sugar coat it, but also don’t steamroll over what they have to contribute to the conversation.  Start small if you need to, but don’t quit until you resolve it.

There are times when the other party refuses to speak or wish to heal an old wound.  If that is the case, you cannot expect to force them into a resolution.  Forgive them and forgive yourself.  Be polite and leave an open invitation to talk.  Never, ever, ever attack them for not wanting to talk; we are out own masters and no other can make us bend to their will.

Even if you don’t renew a lost friendship or hug things out, the work you put in to heal that wound will be evident.  Trust me when I say that you’ll feel better just going through the process and making the effort.  Your spirit will be lighter and you’ll feel the stress and worrying has vanished.  You’ll also see some amazing positive side effects.  You will find your self-confidence has risen, your problem solving skills sharpened, and a black spot turn clean once again.

full buck moon

Monthly Cleansing

Each full moon, it is imperative that we take this night to release that which no longer serves us.  Just as the majestic deer and elk shed their antlers and the trees give up their precious leaves, we must come to the realization that everything has a time and place.  Our souls are much too precious and our hearts too tender to be filled with the negativity of the world.  Despite our best efforts, we all carry baggage from bad experiences, unhappy encounters, and the unfortunate introduction of bad things into our lives.  Some of us can sense the presence of negativity and deflect it away; long before it takes permanent hold on us.  Others may not be able to put their finger on why they are feeling drained, only that they know something is taking every away.  We all must realize that there are forces which thrive in a miserable and barren world, and they work tirelessly to infect us all with their despair and grief.  This unwanted baggage is what we need to expunge and eliminate from our lives forever, as it keeps us from reaching our goals.  Each of us carries those things in our mind so I invite you to write them down and prepare to release them.

<offer paper and pencil to write down things>

We gather here in support of one another to cast off that which no longer serves us; we cut the cords of energy thieves; we open up space to be filled with strong and supportive energy.  And to be true to our lesson tonight, we also release the pent-up pain and anger from unhealed wounds of the past.  If you have something you wish to release, then please approach the fire and send it to the skies above in an act of permanent banishment.

<allow time for people to approach and burn whatever they need to>

As you burn your paper or items, say “I banish that which no longer serves me, from this day forward, my heart shall be free”.

Serious cleansing is both strenuous and uplifting at the same time.  We feel the past as if it was in the present by revisiting the old wounds, however tonight, we refuse to allow the pain to hurt us any more.  We see the baggage of past problems as being detrimental to our health and we choose to eliminate them from the source.  We must free ourselves of those issues and move far beyond the noise that they create.   Make the decision when you are ready, but take care not to procrastinate forever and remember that you are part of a growing community of like-minded people who are there to support you, to guide you, and to help you in any way you need – all one needs to do is ask.

Remember that cleansing leaves an empty space in your heart and soul.  That space must be filled with positive things or it’s susceptible to negativity again, so step outside of your comfort zone, set some new goals, and live your life to it’s fullest and beyond!

full buck moon

Cakes & Ale

Another hallmark of a pagan celebration is a copious amount of food and drink – affectionately known as ‘cakes & ale.”  As we’ve shared energies, so we shall share sustenance!  (this portion is optional, depending on your group and the weather)

Pass the cakes and ale – raise your cups in a toast

“May you never hunger!”

Another toast

“May you never thirst!”

Another toast

“May you never walk alone!”

<this is a period of socialization – remember that the circle is still intact, so communicate to everyone not to cross the boundaries without cutting a hole>

Closing the July Full Moon Circle

Spirits of the Earth; we are honored for your guidance as we walk the land; we are encouraged by the lush greenery and our senses are excited by the sights and sounds of that which you have provided us.  We offer thanks and prayers for all that we have and will receive in the future. <extinguish green candle in the north>

Spirits of the Water; each moment provides us with another opportunity to give thanks for your blessings; we could not thrive without the ample amounts of rainfall and fresh water that you provide us, and we thank you for attending our ceremony on this full buck moon evening.  <extinguish blue candle in the west>

Spirits of Fire; each month we depend on the cleansing fires that you provide us with; but the flames provide us with so much more throughout our lives.  No words can truly show our gratitude for fire, but as always we try in earnst to show our appreciation.  <extinguish red candle in the south>

Spirits of Air; we have listened to your messages riding high upon the invisible winds.  We have felt your immense power every day and with each breath.  We offer thanks for taking away the smoke of that baggage which we have burned away on this night, never to see it surface again. <extinguish yellow candle in the east>

We give thanks to the Goddess for guarding this circle and joining our rite; for her unwavering support, even in times of trouble and for her eternal love – Hail and farewell. <extinguish white Goddess candle>

I now Dissolve this Sacred Space and send the Powers back to their place.  Our Work is finished for the Night, so now we close this Magick Rite.

The circle is now open, but remains in our hearts unbroken.

Huzzah !

Other July Events for Stargazers

The Full Buck Moon eclipse is only the beginning for those keeping their eyes in the July sky.  On July 14th, Jupiter will be close to earth and fully illuminated by the sun.  From dusk until dawn, stargazers should be able to see some of the planet’s moons.  Then on July 20th, Saturn will be at it’s brightest and those with telescopes might be able to see the rings.  Finally, near the end of the month, the 28th & 29th, the Delta Aquarids meteor shower will be visible. Stargazers can expect to see about 20 per hour after midnight on July 29, when debris from a comet’s tail strikes Earth’s atmosphere. Look towards the constellation of Aquarius to see the shooting stars.

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