Joyful Alchemy of Co-Creative Living



An ancient noble power of which we seldom speak

Transformative skills that many seek

Esoteric searches for immortality

A bit of magic and some mythology

The quest to master alchemy

Without the blasphemy that carries atrophy

But spirituality, harmoniously, and philosophically 

Steadfastly prepared to shake the ambiguity

Of misunderstood and false philanthropy

A quest of simple folk aware of the collective

Humble togetherness that’s our objective

The wealth of character to distinguish us

It surpasses the coin or stone of luxuriousness

Affluence, abundance, and prosperity

Revenues of opulence not our commodity

Focused on broadening our affinities

Commonality worn as our cloak of recognition

Our journey through life a steadfast vision

A skill, a talent, a competent ingenuity

Each person here brings their proficiencies

Hand over hand we join our experiences

You, and you, and you make the difference

Bringing into our midst a liberating deliverance 

A surreal gathering of a collective mind

The surge to shift the paradigm

We’ve waited with patience, now is the time

Yet the path ahead is clear to none

The doorway opens with the touch of the sum

Each woman, each man, and every child is welcome

No measure of religion, or race, or income

It’s beyond my thoughts what we’d become

The harmonies that would emerge in the outcome

Insurmountable obstacles we’d overcome

Instead of many, we’d become one

And the creations, oh they’d emerge

When bodies, souls, and minds converge

Only then when we freely give

We cease to exist and begin to live





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