Inspired By Her Everything


I’m inspired…

The way you smile in your own special way

In every situation, regardless of the circumstances

It’s genuine and people always notice

And remember

Sincerity opens hearts, doors, and minds.

For the receiver and the giver

Being true to oneself is beyond compare

I’m inspired at your accomplishments

When I look at the things you do

So much in so little time,

How you just follow through without fanfare

Giving, far beyond expectations

It’s genuine and people notice

Some may call them little or unimportant,

Things that might go otherwise unnoticed

Often small, but powerful nonetheless,

Because they matter

And they are the source of magic.

When you create something without even trying

Part vision, part willpower, and part love

Then suddenly it’s there

And then gifted to the world so freely.

I’m inspired at the way people simply love you

The lives you touch

Sincerely and effortlessly

How you give and give some more

So repeatedly, without any expectations

I’m constantly amazed at your zeal

Generous to a fault, with no boundaries

Enthusiastic to take on challenges

The caring, almost nurturing way

You patiently teach

Giving away all of your sacred knowledge.

And I am enamored with every bit of you

I’m often brought to stillness

Watching the strands of hair frame your face

When your eyes catch the summer rays

As you glide by on a summer day

Or when you lay beside me to sleep

I’m honored to be by your side

For you give me courage in those times

When the dawn looks grey

I think of who I am and realize

That you complete me

And I’m inspired

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