I have seen a Fairy

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Walk with me, the air is fresh and clean, the sun warm, and the path meandering and clear

For a tale I have to tell you, nay, not a lengthy soliloquy, but an enlightening glimpse of magic

Tis true as I can recall the events which I shall be forthcoming with as we stroll, that you must believe

As magic goes, tis a measured thing held deep within the individual mind, and rarely revealed

I bid you promise, that if ye shall open that door, nary all the way, but a slim crevice is all

Let a bit of my telling light spin and wind across the open meadow and be accepted with no fear

Your options are many, but understand that the tale may be for naught to the closed mind

Let us set off at a light pace, my arm shall be yours to rest upon, my hand yours to embrace

Tis in this very meadow, on a day quite similar to this day, with spring erupting all about

In no particular order did the plans of the day come to fruition, for some days are just lackadaisical

A woman, she walked, no floated gracefully across the way, making her own way off the path

Amazing can be the only word to describe her, for she was beautiful in so many ways

I watched the sunlight bathe her alabaster skin and could feel the warmth from afar

The rich hues of heavenly gold seemed to give her an ethereal glow, sparkling like nothing I’ve seen

She was grounded in a simple cotton dress, sleeveless, ample in the bodice and flowing at the hem

I had to blink several times as if my eyes were in a bout of trickery as I watched her move

As if the foliage had knowledge of her presence and shifted to give her free and clean progress

The breeze upon which the scents of lilacs, honey, and gardenia wafted upon high in passing

I drank deeply of all which was presented to me, a welcome interlude and moment of clarity

Out of the east came a sturdy breeze, not a wind, but enough to bring forth a carried gift

Tumbling like it was falling down a steep slope came a rich purple cranesbill trimmed and ready

The lady simply held out a soft hand and caressed the breeze; it flowed past and somehow within

As she turned a palm skyward, the geranium settled softly as if it had always intended to do

She reached up and as I held my breath, gracefully moved a tumble of hair behind her ear

She tucked the flower above her ear where it remained, no clip, no pin, almost effortlessly

It was then that I caught but a fragment of her face, and I must admit, I almost needed to see her

The tiny glimpse showed a delicate nose with a slight upturn, a rosy cheek, and a quick eyelid

Yet as I longed for more, she averted my gaze by turning slightly and made haste for the forest

Tis now that I must again take pause and pose my earlier inquiry, for only then can I proceed

It’s the part where reality becomes a bit blurred for those who choose to open their minds

And as your sight is clear and open, I shall give forth the details that make the next moments grand

For this woman, hers was one that no other rivaled; she had a gracefulness that was beyond us

And my state of heightened awareness did cast a wide cloak which blinded me from all others

For at this moment, I had but a single thought, a single need, and it was to see her, all of her

I followed but my distance was great and I thought it improper to close the existing gap

For all of my admiration, I intended to remain a gentleman, steadfast to my appreciation

The gallery of nature in all its regalia took a place on the side as I strode on the meadow path

She wove in between, around, and must I say…though the trees and I believe she was dancing

Letting my upbringing take leave, I found myself in a hasting pace, my paces extending and heavier

I could not lose sight of that which was to my front, or was it to my side, as I closed my mind clouded

I slowed to focus, winded a bit and perspiring, when her sight again presented itself to me

A face, briefly, but enough that I’ll forever have it etched in the deepest and most sacred place

Angelic, magical, radiant, yes, it was all of those and so much more like nothing I’ve envisioned

I was amazed and my legs no longer had substance for I could not progress despite willing to do so

Tis then that it occurred; the moment of happening was upon me, her eyes locked with mine

The distance dissolved and it was as if we stood only a step apart and they told me everything

A pleasant smile crept on her soft lips, and her warmth reached out a wrapped me in its arms

I knew something, but still unsure as to its specifics, this moment was more than just a glance

No, for in her eyes was an understanding, a look of centuries of understanding and appreciation

As if she judged me, but not for my actions, only what I felt in my heart and my very soul

Permission to gaze on perfection seemed granted to me, and I willingly accept its decree

And in the eternity of that second, I both gave and received everything and nothing at all

Her smile now lush and full pushed the high cheekbones of her exquisite face even higher

And without a moment of notice, she winked….yes winked, giving me a sign of what was to come

She slowly turned about, deliberately and without concern of any ramifications of the moment

Then magic was revealed, as she rolled her head and stretched out her wings……

My shock was enough to focus my eyes ever more as I watched her lazily lean forward

And in that moment, from my vantage point so very far away did I know my life had forever changed

When she took flight and her human form lost all dimension and the forest grew larger around her

I dropped to my knees, in a respectful pose, while straining to keep sight as she flew

I searched my mind for a possibly rationale or explanation, all the while knowing the truth

This day I had been given a gift, one that is precious and beautiful, and surely only shared with a few

I have seen a fairy……

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