Halloween Night on the Misty Moors


A creeping doom fills the room

Crushing hope beneath its gloom


Feel it follow, down the darkened hollow

Adorned in a heavy a cloak of sorrow


Crawling and sneaking, it’s power increasing

Hell on earth; that’s what it’s releasing


Those scary dreams, soon becoming screams

Tearing souls at every seam


The dark black energy, impossible to see

In every grave, behind each tree


The veil is thin; there’s letting in

Those evil things, which live for sin


The opened doors on misty moors

Not quite sure just what’s in store


Halloween night, you’re filled with fright

Terror comes with every sight


The hour late, an open gate

Witches lure you with their bait


Ghosts and demons, things ‘a bleeding

No escaping from the season


Stranger sounds, throughout the towns

Braying wolves and barking hounds


Zombies rising, energizing

Wandering souls look appetizing


Fire your useless guns, then you try to run

Don’t dare stop, it’s just begun


Your pathway blocked, doors are locked

Prepare yourself to be shocked


Open holes that suck your soul

Bridges guarded by loathsome trolls


Vampire bats, feral cats

Shadow people with tin-foil hats


Ravens flying, children crying

Everything intensifying


Bubbling potions, smoke in motion

Bedlam, noise, and commotion


An evil cackle, just like a jackal

A lunatic with a broken shackle


Free from his cage, on a rampage

Brain decayed from bacteriophage


Mutants bred, flying overhead

Teeth and claws both dripping red


No safe place, no hidden space

Could be the end of the human race


Trick ‘or Treat seems incomplete

Unless you’re running in retreat


Grab some swag, avoid the hags

Stay away from body bags


Don’t stay out late, keep things straight

Never, ever, tempt your fate


Just be sure, to close your doors

When the Witches dance across the moors

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