Gypsy of the Skies

Astral projection

Sky gypsy

Astral Projection

Astral projection

Or something more

Picturing myself

Floating endlessly

Still waters in every direction

Cloudless skies above

My mind completely free

Body still, breathing shallow

Senses reaching out

Many miles

Across the landscape

Skyward to the heavens 

I’m not afraid

For I’ve been here before

Through deep meditation 

Astral projection

Or sometimes



Some call me


Gypsy of the skies

With no caravan

Or limitations

Others just watch

And learn

Nothing changes hands

Everything is free


Has no price

My currency

Is my intellect

My imagination

And an open mind


Seek wisdom

In unexpected places

Look between 


And all around

Tune your ears

To hear the sounds

Your eyes

To truly see

Touch the source



Mystical spaces

Both sides

Of the veil


When you call out

In comfortable silence

Ready yourself

For an epic answer

Each question

Leading to another

And another

Each answer 

Beyond imagination



Yet delivered 

OIn utter simplicity

So, I ask

What are you waiting for…


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