The Gypsy Camp


Gypsy Camp

The gypsy camp is a temporary home, a place to rest in a life where moving is not only an eventuality, but an expectation.  There is no official camp theme, color scheme, or layout to a gypsy camp and things usually change as often as the wind blows.  People come and go, some announced while others slip in for a meal or two before evaporating in the dark of the night.  Such is the perogative of a self-proclaimed gypsy; beholden to no one but themselves and their kin.

Some common things are suspicion of outsiders, music, romance, and love.  Love for their children, love for their spouses, and love for what nature provides from its eternal wellspring of plenty.  The gypsy is resourceful, inventive, creative, and often times will surprise even themselves when it comes to problem solving on a budget.  Life on the road teaches practical survival better than any classroom or military training.  The day to day challenges faced are addressed and simply solved; no fanfare, no special tools or gadgetry required, and often the gypsy does so without thought, simply relying on common sense.

To survive is one thing, but to thrive in a survival situation is another.  Gypsies don’t just survive, they live, they raise children, they make wonderful music and passionate love, they sing, they dance, and a few of us…..well, we write. Generations of story-tellers tell tales of history from the perspective of the unseen passer-by, children capture moments in mental photographs to be painted aloud with words and gestures, and those who are forever romantics at heart share epic verses of whimsical and wonderful poetry.

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