Green Aventurine – For Balance, Creativity & Luck


Aventurine, also known as Adventurine, Avanturine, Aventurine Quartz, and Indian Jade (the green variety specifically, ) is a variety of quartz. It is most commonly green, but also can be found in blue, red to reddish-brown, dusty purple, orange, yellow, peach and a silver-grey.   It is mostly translucent, but not always.  Additionally, many samples are banded or opaque.   The different colors result from other minerals included in the quartz.  Green Aventurine gets its color from Fushite particles.  Fushite is a type of Mica.  Hematite or Goethite within the quartz produces orange, red, and borwn shades.  Pyrite produces yellow and peach stones.  Blue Aventurine contains Dumortierite and purple varieties get their color from Lepidolite.  Green is the only color which achieves gem-quality, and polished/finished items range from pale to medium green.

India is the world’s largest producer of green Aventurine, followed by Brazil, Russia, Tanzania, and Austria. Small deposits have been found in Tibet, China, and Nepal.  The crystal has most of the properties of quartz, but with the inclusions, only has a hardness of 6 1/2 compare to 7 of pure quartz.  It’s chemical classification is a Silicate – SiO2.  It has a hexagonal crystal system which polishes well.

Green Aventurine for Jewelry and Commercial Use

Aventurine use dates back to prehistoric civilizations where it was used for both tool-making and for decorative items because of its excellent hardness and the ability to produce a sharp edge when cleaved, plus it can be shaped relatively easily.  Green Aventurine is often used by modren-day jewelry makers who want to replicate the deep mystery of Jade or the luster of Amazonite, but at a much lower cost.  The most common applications are for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets; often being combined with copper or silver accents.  Additionally, larger pieces have been carved into small sculptures, bowls, and vases.  Unpolished and raw stones are used for landscaping, aquariums, and other areas where the contrast of green will produce a pleasing feeling.

Healing and Metaphysical Use

Aventurine pieces, of all colors, are known to be lucky but green Aventurine is thought to hold the most power compared to the other colors.  The purest green stones are valued for very strong healing energy.  It is believed that it can bring about a feeling of calmness to a troubled person by easing anxiety. It is known to improve a person’s outlook on life and feelings of well-being.  It is a wonderful balancing stone that aligns all the facets on one’s being; physical, emotional, intellectual, and auric.  It also helps to balance male and female energies and amplifies leadership and decision-making abilities.   Some practitioners use the stone to stimulate desired outcomes in dreams and its though to have a positive effect on psychic ability.

Physically, Aventurine is though to facilitate psychotherapy, helping people heal in constructive ways.   Some use it to treat respiratory system, vision,  and heart disorders.   It helps to relieve both tension and stress simultaneously and enhances an individual’s ability to cope with and accept change in their lives; a very useful quality in today’s fast-moving world.

Green Aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals.  It is believed to help enhance the wealth and prosperity of an individual.  Some cite the “winning energy” of this stone for victories in competitive events, in gambling, and other games of chance.  It also is known to be a great aid in overcoming all uncertainty in issues of “firsts.”  This could include the first day of school, starting a new job, a new relationship, or any other time that doubt might cause negative impact.  Also known as a stone which helps a user connect with their spirit guides and guardian angles.

Green Aventurine for the Heart Chakra

Green Aventurine is used for color therapy and to stimulate the heart chakra.  Many people will wear green Aventurine pendents positioned above their heart for maximum stimulation.  It is one of the five best stones for the Heart Chakra; others are Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Calcite, and Green Tourmaline.  Green Aventurite is used to activate; to increase focus and sooth emotions.  The heart chakra is considered as the doorway to the higher chakra dimensions of healing and spirituality.


This piece only scratches the surface of the value of this stone.  It comforts, balances, and soothes energy.  It’s considered very lucky and brings the owner all things positive.  It’s a stone for personal growth, learning, and finding one’s place in the universe.

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