The Great Conjunction of 2020 – The Rebirth of the Earth


The year 2020 will be remembered for many things.  The Coronavirus pandemic and related stories have dominated the news cycle for most of the year.  Other earthly matters such as social and racial justice, celebrity deaths, and never-ending changes in global politics had co-starring roles as well.  We usually see the top stories grab headlines as the year comes to a close, but not this time around.  Instead, we’ll be treated to something which the world hasn’t seen in nearly 800 years.  The Great Conjunction, a rare planetary alignment of Jupiter and Saturn will take place on December 21st, 2020, which also happens to coincide with the Winter Solstice.

Astronomers use the word conjunction to describe the meeting of celestial objects.  When the two largest planets align, it’s a great conjunction.  Normally, these two planets align about every 20 years or so, but this conjunction will be unique.  The two planets will be just 0.1 degrees apart (less than the diameter of the moon) and will appear as a double planet.  The last time this was visible was just before dawn on March 4, 1226.  The two planets were aligned in 1623, but that great conjunction wasn’t viewable by anyone on earth.

The great conjunction will appear in the southwest sky on December 21st, the darkest day of the year, where it will have the appearance of one single shining star.  As you can guess, many are already calling it a Christmas Star, which could have been caused by a planetary alignment, but not one from Saturn and Jupiter.  This phenomena occurs because Jupiter is already brighter than any star, due to it being much closer  Saturn isn’t as bright as Jupiter, but it’s on the same level as the brightest stars and its hue is a wonderful golden color.  When the two share space, the results should be epic for those watching, but it will mean so much more.

What Makes The Great Conjunction of 2020 Prophetic

The Winter Solstice, or Yule as it’s more commonly known across the pagan world, is a very significant day.  It’s one of the two major turning points of the year, when the light triumph’s over the darkness and the days start getting longer.  All things on earth that are dormant, will start to change on a yet-unseen scale.  The seeds and roots buried deep in the earth will awaken.  They will begin the process of moving precious energies in preparation for new life in the spring.  The shift in light is the key factor.  This event happens every year, but in 2020, it will be different.  This particular great conjunction will add new light from a new light source, just when the world needs it most.  A great conjunction occurring on the solstice will likely never happen again.  People, we are on the cusp of the greatest supercharging the collective energies of the world have ever seen.

There are many astrologers who are closely watching the skies each night as this event gets closer.  They can feel the shift about to happen.  There are some who believe that this new energy will be nothing short of miraculous. When the celestial light shines on December 21st, 2020, the energies of the Winter Solstice will be powered by cosmic energy.  It will be the start of something new and amazing.  Every seedling will be charged, as will every stone, crystal, portal, and living being.  We will be bathed in a cleansing and charging light that will lead to a rebirth of planet earth and a wholesale change to the entire structure of society.  It’s almost as if 2020 itself was a great test on the citizens of planet earth, and in retrospective, we came pretty close to failing it.

Throughout 2020, world events have painted a less-than-perfect picture of the human race.  We’ve seen hoarding and greed on a massive scale as the fear of pandemic swept the planet.  The wealthy and anyone else who had means, slipped away in the dead of the night to their massive estates in secluded areas.  Governments across the world instituted policies that inflicted real and immediate change on billions of people.  Freedoms were restricted.  Businesses were closed; or at least some of them were.  Politicians have overreached on a scale not seen in centuries, trying to usurp every bit of control and power possible over large populations.  Big Technology has shown their cards to the world and censorship has become their regular method of doing business.  Small businesses have been forced to close while the huge corporations are doing business as usual.  The media no longer reports the news; instead they push fear, division, and complacency.  Riots were commonplace and the world became a pressure-cooker of borderline panic.

People were forced to quarantine and wait it out, but for how long and at what cost?  And all around things looked grim, dark, dreary.  The future was being painted right before our eyes, and it was black.  The months went by and people went from nervous to angry.  Brothers fought one another over whether to wear a mask.  Sisters fought sisters over opinions disguised as facts.  Our world is being torn apart, and yet as we approach this great conjunction, there’s an odd feeling in the air.  It’s almost as if most of us just realized that it’s going to get better, and yes, we’re going to be OK.  There is a feeling of hope that the crisis will end soon; a feeling almost a mirror to the hopeful feelings we have on the Solstice and the return of the sun.

It’s Happening

Isolation has proved itself to be detrimental to our existence and health.  Despite the nefarious desires of Big Tech, non-stop texting, game playing, and media consuming isn’t working out so well.  In fact, the word on the street is just the opposite.  People are unplugging, deleting social media accounts, turning off the corrupt media, and walking away from the video game console.  They’ve come to realize that something was missing.  Being alone has awakened them to the fact that they not only miss the human connection, but that they need it just as they need oxygen itself.  It’s happening now and it’s growing.  Neighbors are once again venturing out of their homes to commune with one another, to share and care for one another, and to mean broken fences.

Rather than send a e-mail or text message, people are picking up the phone.  They are talking once again, and realizing how amazing real face to face communication actually feels again.  And what could be the most wonderful thing ever, is that people are being nicer to one another.  Random strangers, tired of being hidden behind masks, are going out of their way to say hi, hello, or anything they can think of, just to have a connection.  The cosmic energies are already having a positive effect and that will culminate soon, with the great conjunction.  These seeds of humanity that were dormant for decades are being bathed in the light, charged with all the good of the universe, and ready to play a starring role in the rebirth of the earth.

It won’t happen immediately, but as we move from winter into spring, you’ll notice the signs.  Humanity will regain some of what we lost each day.  The lessons of the pandemic will be many, but this time they will be used to learn from, not to place blame.  Our youth are waking up and making great changes.  It’s the start of something new. Something beautiful.  Something unlike we’ve ever seen.  The light of this Great Conjunction will shine in our hearts forever.

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