Full Worm Moon, March 2020 – New Beginnings


This is is a Full Worm Moon ritual for 2020; March 9th (11:48 AM, MST).  The 9th is also coincidentally when the planet Mercury becomes progressive, ending a 23 day retrograde.  If you are new to the Gypsy Thread, let me take a moment to tell you about the rituals found on this web site.  Each one is individually written, but have many similarities connected to the event or particular full moon.  They are all written to be performed outside, preferably around a roaring bonfire with many friends, family, and like-minded people in attendance.  As with all of my full moon ceremonies, there will be ample time for cleansing and clearing the negative energy and baggage from our day to day lives.

Unlike many other sites, I encourage readers to copy, alter, or make any changes you feel would meet the needs of your group, coven, tribe, or yourself.  It’s important that we continue to share our knowledge with the rest of the pagan community so that it continues to grow and attract new people.   It’s the last full moon before Ostara, and a great opportunity to cleanse and self-heal before the arrival of Spring.  We encourage people to bring the things that weigh them down (or a symbol of them), to the ritual for burning and ultimately releasing them once and for all.

As you read through the ritual, you will see text with <> around it – those are instructional steps for the ritual leader and are not spoken aloud.

You’ll need the following items to perform this ritual as written

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green) [if you have a large group outdoors, try using painted tiki torches] Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for each participant
Fire pit or cauldron suitable for safely burning small objects and paper
Altar decorated with seasonal greens, herbs, or other appropriate items

<When you are ready, the ritual leader should make a call for action to have everyone gather around the fire and within the confines of where the circle will be cast>

Ritual Begins

Look around, across the ground, turn your eyes up to the skies, gather second sight on this sacred night, fell the pull of the moon so full – we are now between the worlds, this circle I do cast!

Calling the Full Worm Moon Quarters

All eyes turn to the East, the direction of new beginnings, communication, and growth.  Where the great spirits of Air, the first breathe of new life, whisper the secrets of joy, renewal, and ancient knowledge and the mighty Eagle comes forth to remind us that it’s never too late to start again.  <light yellow candle>

Now turn to the South, the direction passion, energy, and the spark of life.  The place of the mighty Wolf and the great forges where the element of Fire demonstrates constant change.   We welcome the power of living in the moment and the realization that only in the ‘now’ can we make real lasting changes in our lives.  <light red candle>

Look eagerly to the West, the direction of the past, feelings, completion, and fullness.  Where the great spirits of Water, and its capricious energy resides and the wisdom of the elders is sourced.  From this direction the great Bear speaks of the mystery of magick, the secrets of purification, and the call for each of us to surrender our earthly struggles to seek our higher calling. <light blue candle>

Finally we turn to the North, the direction where we discover our sacred selves.  We are humbled by the great power of Earth and the mighty Bison and the lessons of self-reliance and responsibility.  In the rich womb of our Mother, we can see that all things are possible, provided we give them enough time, nurturing, and energy. <light green candle>

Great Goddess; now personified as the youthful maiden of spring, we seek nothing that we are not worthy of receiving and ask for your presence in this circle tonight and in our lives henceforth.  As we bathe in the precious light of the full moon, we seek council and guidance so that we may have the collective strength to release those things which limit our spiritual growth and hinder our understanding of the real truths of the world.  We humbly ask for your blessings and your eternal light.  <light Goddess candle>

Musical Interlude

Our ancestors practiced many different types of rituals and had numerous gatherings, but they all had one common thread, and that was music.  Music opens doors, speaks to the soul, and makes strangers friends.  Tonight I have chosen a song which was recently released by Wardruna.  The song is called Grá and it is in Norwegian with traditional instruments, and is nothing short of spectacular both in it’s richness and hauntingly beautiful passion.  You’ll definitely be adding it to your playlist in the future.

Opening statement

This first full moon of March has been known by many names throughout history.  Native American tribes had many different names, including the Full Worm Moon, the Magpie Moon, the Fish Moon and the Crow Moon.  Europeans called it the Lenten Moon.   Wiccans call it the Chaste Moon and some pagans refer to it as the Death Moon.  It’s also the last Full Moon before the vernal equinox, on March 19th, which marks the official end of winter.  The next full moon falls on April 7th.

Full moons are the time of the month when lunar energy is at it’s peak, which makes it a perfect time to magickal work, healing rituals, and to make positive changes in our lives.

Full Worm Mon

New Beginnings

full worm moonOur topic for this full worm moon, is new beginnings.  With Spring in the air and the first few blades of grass peeking through the snow pack, it’s a perfect time to cast off the weight of winter and step boldly forward into the next phase of your life.

Whether you are looking to make a big change or a small change in your life, it’s still considered a new beginning.  Our lives are not a book as many people often use to describe them.  They are better described as a library of books, all opened to different pages and those pages are all turning at different speeds; some even turning backwards.  And, just because we are seeing progress in one area, doesn’t mean we’ll see progress in all areas.  Sometimes that first step has a cliff directly in front of it and we need to take a long hard fall before we hit bottom.  Other times it’s like a bungee cord and we go up and down.  We think because we are moving that things are getting better, but in reality when we stop, we find ourselves still in the same place we started.

Starting over is difficult.  Whether you are moving to a new home, a new town, or starting a new life, new beginnings are tough; so tough that many people quit or only do some of the necessary work to make it successful.  It’s not that they are weak or lesser humans, it’s that starting over is hard, especially if we are leaving one lifestyle for another.  Our past friends, places, and activities are going to stay the same.  If we had toxic people in our lives, it will be necessary to cut them out and cut them out completely.  The things we used to do and the places we used to frequent will still hold the same magnetic allure as they always did.  What drug us down will continue to try and drag us down.

So, what’s a person to do you may ask?  How do we navigate this mysterious and uncharted terrain of starting over and finish the job?  These questions and many more will likely be some of your initial thoughts.  Once you start asking questions, more will follow and they will all likely led you to doubt yourself, question why you are even trying to improve, or possibly cause you to freeze up and forget the whole idea of realizing the ‘new you’.  This phenomena is called many things, but when you really dissect it, it says a few simple truths.  Each one of us has a comfort zone and often times, we are fearful of what lies outside of that comfort zone. Each one of us can struggle with self confidence.  And finally, no one’s path will ever be the same.

So how do we start a new beginning knowing that the road is filled with potential potholes, struggles, and the hooks and snares of our old lives, desperately trying to reel us back in?  The answer is we need to change our way of thinking.  Rather than look at the numerous failing options, we should instead look at the potential for our lives when, not if, we make the changes.  We need to choose to meet those fears and concerns head on.  We learn to navigate those treacherous roads by taking small steps and always looking ahead.  We build our new lives one block at a time; and we make sure each block is well supported and on a solid foundation.  And when we fail today (which we will from time to time) we refuse to allow that failure to define our journey.  Tomorrow is another day and another chance for success.  Each of us must become our own coach, mentor, personal trainer, bodyguard, best friend, and spiritual guru.

Don’t overthink it too much, just starting walking forward and don’t look back.  Use your intention and dig deep into the well of spirituality and strength in your soul.  Rely on what you know to guide you and if you aren’t sure about something, do the work necessary to learn it.  Remember that this won’t be easy, but also remember that it can be fun, enlightening, and make you a better person in the long run.  Find the reason to keep going and hold on to it tightly.  The joy is out there; think positive and you will find it.

Full Worm Moon

Clearing and Cleansing

One of the biggest challenges we face when looking for a new beginning is determining what or whom is holding us back.  Each full moon offers us the opportunity to reflect on the things happening in our lives.  We also have the chance to evaluate and choose whether those things are helping us reach our spiritual goals, or leading us down a different path.   If we see negativity creeping in, then we can use the opportunity to clear them out.  The full worm moon is one of the last times we have to really contemplate things before the busy work of spring seems to take over.

Negativity has a way of hampering our efforts to grow.  It’s a roadblock to reaching our full potential as human beings, but also as teachers, caregivers, and companions.  Anger, impatience, greed, manipulation, jealousy, lust, corruption, and laziness are all products of negativity.  When we allow those feelings to remain inside us, they cloud our thoughts and divert us from the important things in life like love, compassion, helpfulness, and the desire to become something better than we already are.

To achieve a successful new beginning, we need to prepare for a positive change.  Once you are prepared to shed the weight of those things that hold you down, you’ll be ready to take a step in the direction of growth.  Our ancestors have taught us that all things can be washed away in the cleansing flames.  We can witness as the baggage of the past is consumed and the smoke travels far away.  By burning the remnants of things useless and without value, we free ourselves to find new and positive things to fill those empty spaces.

<Offer each person paper/pencil to write things down>

Each of you may approach the fire when you are ready to cast the unwanted from your life and create an open space to fill with things that have meaning. As you burn each item, state the following, “I give up freely that which is no longer serving me”

<Once everyone has burned their items, have the group join hands and say the following>

We gathered tonight by the light of this Full Worm Moon.  The darkness is still heavy but the snow is starting to melt and hope is all around.  Our bodies and minds are now cleansed with the great fires of the South carrying the negative energies away. May the next turn of the Wheel bring us love and compassion, abundance and prosperity, fertility and life – As the moon above, so the earth below. So Mote it Be!

Now understand that since you’ve chosen to release negativity, you will be lighter and ready to take on something new and positive.  Fill those spaces you’ve just cleared with something positive and then feed it and feed it again.  Build your inner strength in small steps and you’ll soon feel different inside.  That new, stronger and more confidant feeling is your solid foundation for the future.

Full Worm Mon

Cakes & Ale

<This is an optional portion>

Depending on the weather and the make-up of your group, you may choose to have a few libations and food at this time during the ritual.  Talk, share stories, and get to know your fellow citizens of the earth.  Remember that we all may have differences, but simply by being here tonight, we are all part of the same tribe.

Closing the circle

Our thanks to the spirits of the North and the never-ending restorative powers of the Earthly realm.  We ask for blessings on the land as we near the time of planting.  We bid you farewell, for now. <extinguish green candle>

Great spirits of the West, where the waters of life flow endlessly.  We thank you for your precious gift and its cleansing powers.  We humbly say goodnight. <extinguish blue candle>

To the South, where we honor the spirits of the fiery realm, thank you for your presence in our circle this night.  We cannot begin to express our thanks for the gift of light in any darkness. We bid you farewell, and glad tidings. <extinguish red candle>

And finally we once again turn to the East and thank the spirits of the airy realm, both for their presence and the feelings of hope, renewal, and new life that they’ve left us with.  We say huzzah! and skål ! <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, tonight we have gathered in fellowship with these worthy souls to cleanse and clear ourselves of things which no longer serve us.  As we leave this circle, we ask that you give everyone the strength to follow through with their intentions and find their new beginning.   Thank you for sharing this night with us in our sacred space. <extinguish Goddess candle>

This circle is now open, but never broken!

Blessed Be!

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