Full Sturgeon Moon Ritual 2022, Just Keep Swimming

full sturgeon moon ritual 2022

On the night of August 11th at 7:36 PM, MST the Full Sturgeon Moon will be at its peak.  It will be visible almost immediately after sunset and will be extra-bright.  The reason for this brightness is because the full Sturgeon Moon is also the last Supermoon of 2022.  For those who need a memory refresh, a Supermoon is a full Moon that occurs close to the Moon’s perigee.  Or to put it in laypersons terms, its the point in space when Moon is closest to the Earth during its monthly elliptical orbit pattern – if that happens during a full moon, then a Supermoon is named.

The Full Sturgeon Moon of August, like all full Moon’s gets it’s name from Native American tradition.  History takes us back long ago, to the territories surrounding the North American Great Lakes.  On the banks, all native tribes within the region would fish for sturgeon which were abundant and easy to catch in August.  These giant prehistoric-looking fish were critical to the survival of the tribes as they would be dried to eat in the coming cold winter months.

Tonight we will continue with our 2022 full moon growth series with ‘just keep swimming’ as our theme. It seems to fit well with the full Sturgeon Moon.  I took July off, as I was between the worlds for an extended time, lost in my own shadow work.  In June our focus was becoming one with the sun, where the focus was growing our network of like-minded people.  In May we discussed how risk and taking chances impacted our lives.  In April we gave our full attention to rising above the noise, or in simpler terms, not allowing emotions to drive our actions.  March was celebration by focusing our attention on embracing the lunar energy in all aspects of our lives.  In February we dove into creative planning and in January our focus was preparing ourselves for whatever the world would be throwing at us in 2022.  These monthly lessons are critical to our spiritual growth. They bring us back to the key elements in our lives and help us to remember that our spiritual path and the steps we travel along it are essential to a healthy life.

Preparing for the Full Sturgeon Moon Ritual

This ritual should be preformed outside under the light of the full moon.  Position your circle around a bonfire or fire pit for the best results.

What items you’ll need to collect for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for each participant
Fire pit or cauldron suitable for safely burning small objects and paper

If you are having a group session, inform everyone in advance that they can bring their stones, crystals, wands, or other magical tools to be charged on the communal altar during the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that is bracketed by <> symbols should be understood as instructional notes and not to be spoken aloud.

full sturgeon moon ritual 2022

Full Sturgeon Moon Ritual Begins

<Using your Athame, point in each of the directions while creating the circle, ask all participants to turn in the direction, following your lead>

I cast this circle round and round from earth to sky, from sky to ground. I conjure now this sacred space, outside of time, outside of place.  The circle is now cast; we are between the worlds.

Calling the Quarters


To one, to all, I bid you turn your gaze to the East; the direction of Air.  Weightless and without limits, Air unites all living beings.  Each breath holds a tiny piece of our ancestors and offers each of us an invisible connection to the wisdom of the ancients.  Despite all the division on Earth, we are still members of a single human race.  Ponder on this great connection as we move into the future, for it will be the guidance we seek when the time to come together is upon us.  <light yellow candle>


Now give not a moment of pause and turn to the South; the direction of Fire.  Wild, unruly, and ever-changing, Fire is known for it’s many lessons. We depend on fire for survival, but when used without care, it can lead to our destruction.  It cannot be owned by anyone, only borrowed. It can be given away, shared, but never locked away.  It serves as a beacon for all living creatures and we are drawn to it.  All humankind can advance their greater knowledge by studying it, but never mastering it, for Fire has no master.  <light red candle>


Now without haste, turn to the West; the direction of Water.  With water we find cleansing, regeneration, and healing.  Water is life, but alone it cannot sustain us.  It demonstrates flexibility, but also shows us the benefit of coming together, such as is seen in the great seas and rivers.  The Moon stirs it, but only so much as to create mystery within our souls.  It comes in many forms and teaches us that we mustn’t hastily jump to conclusions before we spend time in meditative understanding.  <light blue candle>


Finally, turn to the North; the direction of Earth.  The Earth is more than just a thriving ecosystem.  It is a gem among the universe, a place where life continually thrives, changes, and evolves.  It is the great sphere of grounding and holds the answers to many questions.  It provides for those who seek and sustains those who care for it.  We are all capable of greatness, but greatness is not always the answer.  Togetherness speaks volumes that can be heard down to the very core of the planet.  <light green candle>


Turn your vision skyward, and for a moment, do not be hypnotized by the full Sturgeon Moon. Look beyond that great glowing sphere to the infinite universe, and the realm of the Goddess.  Yes, allow yourselves to be mesmerized and enchanted by the twinkling lights of distant stars.  Although we may marvel at the world beyond, we must never forsake the world around us.  And we must never forget to give thanks in highest praises to the Goddess for providing that which we depend on.  We call upon the Great Goddess to join us in this circle as we cleanse our souls under the light of the full Moon.  <light Goddess candle>

Hail! and a hearty welcome to all who gather!

full sturgeon moon ritual


The Full Sturgeon Moon name specifically comes from the Algonquin tribes that surrounded the North American Great Lakes.  But, as we’ve come to learn, other tribes had different names for each full Moon.  The August full Moon has also been called the Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, the Barley Moon, full Grain Moon, and the Red Moon.  Most of the other names are directly tied to crops that would be harvested in different areas around the country.  The latter name, Red Moon, has always raised curious questions.  It comes from the fact that the moon rising in August always seems to have a reddish cast to it, and not for any nefarious reasons.  Additionally, the Ojibwe called the August full moon the Blueberry Moon, while the Dakota Sioux knew it as The Moon When All Things Ripen.

Full Moon Musical Interlude

Each month, I search for the perfect song to accompany the monthly Full Moon Ritual.  Every once in a while, I stumble across something epic, hauntingly beautiful and powerful.  I humbly present Einar Selvik performing his version of «Völuspá» accompanied by Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester & Edvard Grieg Kor, conducted by Edward Gardner. The performance was part of opening concert of Bergen International Festival 2020 in Grieghallen Bergen, Norway.  You’ll have goosebumps on your goosebumps as Einar’s voice fills your entire existence for the duration of the song.

Just Keep Swimming

In pondering a subject for this month, I became lost in visions of swimming fish.  Some swim upstream, some move in schools, others just lurk around the edges waiting for opportunities to arise.  Those are all pretty common aspects when we attach our modern-day labels on them.  Yet when we look at the mighty Sturgeon, we see something quite different.  We see a fish that has lived for more than 200 million years.  They can be found in lakes, great rivers, and off the coastlines across most of the northern hemisphere, but never in great numbers.  They are survivors, not because they followed the map of other species, but because they forged their own way and never stopped swimming.

As the world changed, human populations grew and the Sturgeon became targeted by the elite for caviar.  They were almost wiped out…almost brought to extinction due to the greed of a very small number of humans.  But, they somehow found a way to survive, mainly by swimming away and adapting to another habitat.  They realized that fighting was a losing battle due to superior numbers against them, so they migrated.

If it sounds to you like I’m talking about running away from your problems, then I ask you to stop.  Take a deep breath and open your mind a little further.  The sturgeon is a fierce fish, that looks like it is covered in armor plate from a distance.  It is dominant in the waters it occupies, however the addition of humankind to the equation gave rise to great changes.  As humans, we think we are the Alpha species on planet Earth, but are we?  Technology, Global Commerce, International Finance, Socialized Medicine, and Politics are unstoppable conglomerations that threaten our species.  Despite being our own creations, we are being controlled by them.  Humans are not being harvested for caviar, but instead for money, labor, and servitude.  These are environmental changes and we, like the Sturgeon, need to react if we are to survive.

Sturgeon still live in the water, just as we will still live on Earth, but they’ve become more careful about some areas.  As humans we can follow this same logic.  No one expects any of us to stop buying things, using our computers, or going to vote.  But, what we can do is approach everything with an eyes-wide-open viewpoint.  Before we can stop being influenced, we must first recognize the source and cut it out of our lives.  Do we need to be on every social media platform where advertisers feast upon our post history?  Do we need to shop until we drop for things that only placate us for a short time?  Do we really need every gadget available?  If you are laughing to yourself, then you are seeing the truth of things.  The answers are no, no, and more no.  Instead we need to swim and swim quickly to a safe shoreline or quiet pond.  We need to stop doing queries and start reading books again.  We need to plant gardens, look to natural healing methods and support people who think like we do and not kowtow to the establishment.

And, most importantly, we need to keep swimming.  Which translates to simply never stopping, never surrendering to the mob, and never giving up our own values for those thrust upon us by a controlling society.  It doesn’t mean become a hermit (even though that sounds like a lot of fun).  It means use your skills, your mind, and your ingenuity to take back control and survive to fight another day.

Cleansing and Clearing

Each month we gather under the light of the full Moon to grow as individuals and as a community. We also come to cleanse ourselves spiritually and permanently release negative energy and baggage from the past.  Toxic people are banished as well as toxic situations.  We seek to rid our minds of negativity, fear, darkness and emotional pain.  To those who seek to gain or maintain influence over our lives, we use this opportunity to just say no.  The powerful energy of the full Sturgeon Moon is with us as we take back our lives and break them chains of negativity.

Even if you feel there is so much mental and spiritual pollution within you, that you are unredeemable, don’t fret.  Many powerful influencers have likely come together to simultaneously attack your spirit.  Don’t surrender.  Just say no.  Cut the cord. Walk away.  Make the choice of your sanity and humanity over anyone else’s attempts to control you.  Take back your mind and you’ll see that your foundations and your spiritual pathway is still there.  Cleanse and rebuild the galleries of beauty that you once wandered through.  And not to try and influence you, but do it quickly.  You are in control here; there is no internet, shopping mall, or school hallway anywhere around here.  This circle is a safe space and supercharged by lunar energy.  It’s time to make a choice: choose to run your life from this point forward or let someone else use you as their pawn forever.  We are about to enter the awakening stage of this ritual, so get comfortable and prepare to receive.  It is recommended that you are barefoot so you can be grounded to the earth.  You are about to engage in a guided meditation which will bring you to a state of relaxed clarity…just go with it.

<from this point forward, the ritual leader should significantly slow down – each sentence must be allowed to sink into everyone’s thoughts – read one sentence, then a pause, then another then pause, and so on – speak with an even and calming voice throughout – your voice will help relax and allow everyone to focus>

Close you eyes.  Relax your body.  Take several deep breaths. Feel your flesh swaying with the night winds.  You are light as a feather. Weightlessness.  Neutral and balanced.  Free your mind of mundane activities.  Forget the future and forget the past.  Enter a state of simply being.  Allow the spirits of your ancestors and spirits of air, earth, fire and water to guide you.  Envision the great expanse of nothingness. You are entering into a state of calm rational thinking.  Right and Wrong are evident here.  Freedom and servitude are visible.  Darkness is clearly separate from the light.  The walls are unfolding and unfolding again.  Breathe deeply and remain focused.  The threads of the universe are exposed for you to observe.  Where are your connections?  What is bringing you to a higher state of being?  What is pulling you down or around?  Why are you allowing those bearing heavy ropes and chains to influence you?  Are your behaviors serving others, rather than yourself.  Are there beings who are using you or putting you down or trying to keep you down.  Are you visiting places which seem to draw you but offer you nothing but negativity. Do you see the darkness and the damage it is bringing.  Keep breathing deeply and remain focused.  There is much to evaluate and understand.  Do not rush through this task.  Examine everything.  If you seek happiness, what is stopping you from achieving it.  Are you being tricked into believing that happiness comes from external factors.  True happiness comes from within.  Breathe slowly.  Find the strength to call out that which is not serving you.  Your own inner vision can see the truth.  Prepare to shed yourself of that which does not serve your best and highest good.  Breathe.  Trust in yourself.  Trust in the powerful lunar energy.  Be your own spirit guide.  Lead yourself forward into victory.  Now slowly open your eyes.  Remain focused.  Prepare to step into the light.

<distribute paper and pencils>

Stepping out of your darkness is often terrifying.  It takes great strength to overcome forces that do not wish to surrender so easily.  You will need to reach deep and allow your warrior spirit to empower you.  Feel the energy of the earth as it courses through your body.  You are one with your ancestors.  You are one with the elements.  You are one with your community.  Your family is here to support you.  It is time to step out of the darkness.  Use your natural intention to shed yourself from the debris and negative forces that haunt you.  Now, write down everything that is working against you.  Decide that in this moment, you are releasing those thing which hold power over you. Pledge to yourself that you are cutting those cords forever.  This is the moment to burn away that which causes you pain. This is the moment to free yourselves from fear and anxiety.  This is the moment to take back the you from those who want to control you.  Stop participating in unhealthy relationships. Stop being used.  Shake away the false feelings of security.  Break free from the abuses.  Your future depends on your strength of mind.  Believe your warrior-self that this is a fight you can and will win. Believe it with all your heart.  Allow the powerful energy of the full moon to strengthen your resolve.  As you command it, then it shall be!

When you are ready, approach the fire with conviction and commit your list to the flames – saying out loud, “I release that which no longer serves me”

<Provide ample time for everyone to burn and meditate over what was released>

Steady yourselves, for a great weight has been lifted from your spiritual being.  I congratulate you at taking this amazing step into self-healing and self-reliance.  Before we close, this full Sturgeon Moon ritual, there are a few things to remember.  Many of you will need support when you leave the circle.  Negativity doesn’t give up easily.  Your mind has been purged of many bad things and there are spaces that can be filled.  Do not allow other negative forces to occupy them.  Find your tribe, follow your path, fill those spaces with that which serves you to become a better version of yourself.  Immerse yourself in being a beacon of light to ward away the darkness.  Bring your own happiness and from this point forward, enjoy the peace and harmony that you deserve.  So mote it be!

Closing the Full Sturgeon Moon Circle

Cleansing is an exhaustive but rewarding activity.  For some of us, it’s monthly maintenance, for others it was a complete overhaul of everything we’ve ever known.  Know this as you depart: you are in charge of your own destiny.  Do not allow yourself to be used or abused.  Do not lower your standards or break your convictions.   Now join me as we close tonight’s circle.

Once again we look to the North and once again we are filled with hope and happiness.  We have chosen to embrace the world of the living while shedding the remnants of darkness from our lives.  Our minds are eager to seek out new movement, growth, and to explore the pathways our ancestors once walked. <extinguish green candle>

Now shift your attention to the West once again.  The great waves are at your service, always reminding each of us that everything can come clean and that we must trust in the elements to guide us through the times in life where we may be at risk.  As the water flows, we also are reminded that we must never stop swimming, but should always be wary of the current. <extinguish blue candle>

To the South we turn, where we are in constant wonderment.  The great flames have consumed that which we no longer give power to and the smoke has carried them far away.  With a clean mind we are free to indulge in that which will propel us forward into a greater version of ourselves.  <extinguish red candle>

And now the East, where the night winds carry away the smoke from the cleansing fires.  We have seen that change is possible.  We are on firm footing and ready to step boldly forth into the rest of our lives, without fear but with clarity and direction.  <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, as we leave this sacred space, we praise you and offer thanks to all that you provide us with. Our spirits are once again clean and our hope is restored. We are blessed for this opportunity to share space with all the divine elements of the universe and have gained new insight, wisdom, and a sense of peace by your presence.  As we go out into the world, we will need your continued guidance to bring the lessons of tonight to those who have not yet found inner-peace and happiness.   <extinguish Goddess candle>

Go now and share your real self with the world!

This circle is now open!

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