July Full Moon – Next Steps After Achieving Our Goals

july full moon

The July Full Moon is known as the Full Buck Moon; this is the time of year when the antlers of a buck deer are in full growth mode, in preparation for combat in late October mating season.  This moon is also called the Thunder Moon due to the high number of thunderstorms in July.   Some of the other lesser-known names are the Blessing Moon, Meadow Moon, Hay Moon (Anglo-Saxon) and the Wort Moon (wort is an ancient word defining herbaceous plants or herbs, which are at their peak in July and ready for gathering).  The 2019 July Full Moon will be at it’s peak on July 16th at 3:39 PM (MST).

As we do each month, the July Full Moon gathering is our monthly time of cleansing and renewal.  If you are new to full moon celebrations, you may be a bit apprehensive about a total release; this is totally natural.  This often is caused by heightened emotions and impulsive reactions that are “in the moment.”  Just remember, if you’re unsure about releasing something, then it’s better to meditate and evaluate before letting it go.  Remember that you can always release something at a later time.  It takes a real commitment to cut the cord and move on from some situations and if you aren’t fully vested in moving forward in your life, then you may want to consider asking yourself what is really holding you back; the situation or your own fears.

What You’ll Need For This Ritual

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Anthame or wand
Large White Goddess Candle – Goddess candle
Altar decorated with seasonal herbs, flowers, and foilage
Paper and pencils

Fire pit

Throughout this ritual, any text surrounded by these symbols < > should be considered instructional and not spoken aloud but done in accordance with the directions

July Full Moon Ritual Begins

This circle forming all around, high above, across the ground, a sacred sphere has gathered here – we are now between the worlds!

Calling the Quarters

Turn your eyes to the East, the direction of the rising sun and the eternal light of our existence – the direction of daily renewal and true understanding – we call upon the Air spirits to join us as we gather tonight!  <light yellow candle in the East>

Turn your eyes to the South, where the sun rises to it’s highest peak and shares warmth and the power of growth across the land – the direction where the ancestors traveled in their crossing over journey – we call upon the spirits of Fire to join us as we gather tonight! <light red candle in the south>

Turn your eyes to the West, the direction of nighttime, the closing of each day, and the direction of rain – as each day closes in the west, so does each lifetime – we call upon the spirits of Water to join us as we gather tonight!  <light blue candle in the west>

And finally, turn your eyes to the North, where the harsh winds and snow wait patiently for their return to earth – the direction of endurance and of all things in the natural world – we call upon the spirits of Earth to join us as we gather tonight!  <light green candle in the north>

Great Goddess I invoke you to join in our July Full Moon Celebration – protect us in this circle so each individual may feel comforted and protected while immersed in the cleansing light of the moon.  Give us your strength to see beyond our worldly aspirations and seek a greater connection with the spirit world and our ancestors! <light Goddess candle>

Hail and welcome!

Opening statement

The July Full Moon is the last full moon before Lammas, the first of the three annual harvest festivals and a time of great thanksgiving among our ancestors.  For the last month, the energies have been building; the fields are lush and green with the power of growth; the woods and forests are starting to reveal hidden patches of berries, herbs, and sacred plants; the nights are short, but filled with magick and the air carries a sweetness of life, redemption, and peace.

We gather tonight, not only to cleanse and purify, but to commune with the ancestors to seek their guidance and comfort.  We gather to share and mingle our energies with the energies of the universe; adding our strengths, our determination, and our wisdom to the collective powers of the realm.  For real healing to take place, we must be prepared to step out of our comfort zones and several steps beyond.  We must not feat the unknown, but instead embrace it with a cautious optimism and eyes wide open.  Opportunity is waiting for those who trod forth willingly with confidence and knowledge.  From one soul to another, we share that which we can offer.  Blessed be!

Musical Interlude

No pagan ritual is complete without music; there’s something magickal about being outside in the dark with sweet melodies floating through the air, bodies swaying, and a peaceful calm resonating around you.  This month, I have chosen a favorite of mine by Faun, a song called Unda – you’ll be mesmerized and enchanted at the same time.

July Full Moon – Lesson of the Session – Goal Setting

We speak frequently of setting goals, but not so much about what to do once we’ve met those goals.  Many of us may feel like a runner who has just completed a marathon at times in our lives – we’ve crossed the finish line and we’re walking around gathering breath and watching the other runners do the same thing.  We finally catch our breath and then what?  Where do we go from here, is an oft asked question.  What do we do once we’ve hit that milestone or conquered a fear?  How do we move forward in such a way that we continually progress and not get caught up in our previous unwanted behaviors?  There are many questions, but not as many answers.

If your goal was very large, such as achieving Valedictorian or your class or winning a Gold medal, then the aftermath can be quite nerve-wracking, even terrifying as it feels there’s nowhere else to go but down once you’ve achieved something so high.  Many factors, such as age and strength, only last for a fixed period in our lives until the start to decline, so the problem is physical as well as mental.  Even though it’s a great moment of success, the aftermath is much more important.  Every person gathered here can attest to a moment where they achieved something big and I’m sure we all had different circumstances on the way up.

Once you’ve hit that goal, whether it be big or small, I want you to follow this course of action.  First, spend some time simply enjoying your success; that doesn’t mean taking out an advertisement in the paper professing your greatness to the world, it simply means you should be happy that you were able to overcome a challenge or surpass an expectation.  In order to stay mentally healthy we need to do this step; bask in the positive vibe you’ve established and let it feed your soul – but don’t allow it to consume you and drive you to a state of arrogance or superiority.

After some time (you decide) it will be necessary to set another or many other new goals – upward on onward as they say.  You can set a goal even higher than before if possible, and begin the process of completing it.  Or you can take the goal that you just completed and widen it; an example would be if your goal was to learn to read an ancient language and you mastered it, a new goal would be to teach it to someone else.  Likewise, you may want to change gears and try something totally different.  If you’ve just won the great running race, you may want to try hurdles or the high jump taking some of the skills you mastered in running and applying them to a different sport.

Other options are to retire; when you’ve achieved enough success, whether it be in your job, or another lifelong activity, simply stop and move on to something else.  There is no rule that says you need to pursue the same pathway forever.  The same can be applied to small goals also – you may have wanted to complete reading a set of books or painting a picture – once you’ve completed it, you are allowed to be done, but not goal-less.

Goals are what keeps us focused and on-track, but accomplishing them can lead to set-backs and even unhappiness if we do nothing after achieving them.  We’ve shared some ideas that will help give you direction on what to do once you’ve hit those milestones and how to keep climbing higher, wider, or to start with a fresh slate and start a new journey.  The key is to never stop challenging yourself and continue growing.

july full moon

Monthly Cleansing

Each full moon, we take time to release, to purposefully surrender those things which are weighing us down and filling our soul full of negativity.  Despite our best efforts, we all carry baggage from bad experiences, unhappy encounters, and the unfortunate introduction of bad things into our lives.  If you are in tune, many of those encounters are deflected, yet not always.  There are forces which thrive in the misery of others and they do everything in their power to drain our life force and derail us from achieving our goals.  This unwanted baggage is what we need to expunge and eliminate from our lives forever.  Each of us carries those things in our mind so I invite you to write them down and prepare to release them.

<offer paper and pencil to write down things>

We gather here in support of one another to cast off that which no longer serves us; we cut the cords of energy thieves; we open up space to be filled with strong and supportive energy.  If you have something you wish to release, then please approach the fire and send it to the skies above in an act of permanent banishment.

<allow time for people to approach and burn whatever they need to>

Remember that if you haven’t realized your short term goals, then use this July Full Moon as your personal turning point for 2019 – it’s never too late to take a decisive action step in propelling your life forward rather than remaining stuck in place.  Take inventory of your life, thinking about things you actually want to achieve, goals you actually want to meet.  Instead of non-specific goals such as “being happy,” really dig down and make specific focused goals such as “I’m going to ask for a raise, or I’m going to start…and finish a project.”  If you aren’t being grateful, then learn how to be and make gratefulness a permanent part of your life.  Also, if you’ve reached your halfway goals, then follow the advice shared earlier and build upon your successes to further shape your life for the better.

Cleansing is both strenuous and uplifting at the same time as it’s filled with decisions that honestly can alter the rest of your lives.  Do not allow a little difficulty to stop you from achieving spiritual greatness and inner peace.  Make the decision when you are ready, but take care not to procrastinate forever & remember that you are part of a growing community of like-minded people who are there to support you, to guide you, and to help you in any way you need – all one needs to do is ask.

Remember that cleansing leaves space in your heart and soul.  That space must be filled with positive things or it’s susceptible to negativity again, so step outside of your comfort zone, set some new goals, and live your life to it’s fullest and beyond!

july full moon


Cakes & Ale

Another hallmark of a pagan celebration is a copious amount of food and drink – affectionately known as ‘cakes & ale.”  As we’ve shared energies, so we shall share sustenance!  (this portion is optional, depending on your group and the weather)

Pass the cakes and ale – raise your cups in a toast

“May you never hunger!”

Another toast

“May you never thirst!”

<this is a period of socialization – remember that the circle is still intact, so communicate to everyone not to cross the boundaries without cutting a hole>

Closing the July Full Moon Circle

Spirits of the Earth; we thank you for attending our ceremony and ask that you leave us with stability, potential, and stillness so that we may contemplate that which challenges us. <extinguish green candle in the north>

Spirits of the Water; we thank you for attending our ceremony and ask that you leave us with emotional strength to overcome hardship and loss while we travel on the journey of life.  <extinguish blue candle in the west>

Spirits of Fire; we thank you for attending our ceremony and ask that you leave us with strength and determination to transform into that which we seek to become. <extinguish red candle in the south>

Spirits of Air, we thank you for attending our ceremony and ask that you leave us with intelligence, creativity, and the knowledge of how to open the door to a new beginning after we’ve released our unwanted baggage. <extinguish yellow candle in the east>

We give thanks to the Goddess for guarding this circle and joining our rite; for her unwavering support, even in times of trouble and for her eternal love – Hail and farewell. <extinguish white Goddess candle>

<ritual leader should walk the perimeter of the circle while reciting this chant>

Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.  I now Dissolve this Sacred Space and send all the Powers back to their place.  Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.  Stay if you can, go if you must, with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.  Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.  Our Work is finished for the Night and now we end this Magick Rite

The circle is now open, but remains in our hearts unbroken.

Huzzah !

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