Full Harvest Moon Ritual 2022 – Back to Basics

harvest moon ritual

The 2022 Full Harvest Moon will be at its peak at 3:58 AM, MST on September 10th. Unfortunately for moon watchers, it will peak with just a short viewing window before the rising sun arrives to spoil the view. Remember that we call this moon the full harvest moon, due to it being the closest full moon to the autumn equinox, better known as Mabon. Harvest moon’s usually occur in September, but every three years it’s in October. With a 28 day moon cycle and a 30/31 day calendar cycle, its easy to see how this can occur. In the off year, the September full moon is called the Corn Moon.

Our 2022, full moon growth series is nearing an end. Our Full Harvest Moon ritual for 2022 is simply titled, back to basics. In August we discussed navigating through difficult waters. There was no July lesson this year. The focus in June our focus was about growth and developing a network of like-minded people to socialize with. May was about risk and how taking chances impacted our lives. In April we reviewed how to keep the power of emotion from controlling our actions. In March our ceremony was about focusing our attention on embracing the lunar energy in all aspects of our lives. In February we looked at ways to creatively plan and in January our focus was preparing ourselves for the projected chaos of 2022. I’m happy to see so many people taking this year-long adventure with me. I feel that I’ve grown spiritually in writing them and I hope those participating feel the same.

Preparing For The 2022 Harvest Moon Ritual

This ritual should be preformed outside under the light of the full moon.  If you can accomplish it, position your circle around a bonfire.

What items you’ll need to collect for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for each participant
Fire pit or cauldron suitable for safely burning small objects and paper
Athame or Wand
Altar – decorate with seasonal fall foliage and flowers
Bowl of Sacred Water

If you are having a group session, inform everyone in advance that they can bring their stones, crystals, wands, or other magical tools to be charged on the communal altar during the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that is bracketed by <> symbols should be understood as instructional notes and not to be spoken aloud.

The Full Harvest Moon Ritual Begins

<Using your Wand or Athame, point in each cardinal directions while conjuring your circle, ask all participants to turn in the direction, following your lead>

With breath and life and the magick of my ancestors, I call upon the power of the universe to gather in a surrounding sphere of protection from the sky above to the earth below. I conjure this space of light and darkness, lost in the sands of time, free from all encumbrance, open to all who share in its lifeforce.

Calling the Quarters

Travelers, come one and come all, turn with me to face the East. Together we shall open our arms and welcome the great spirits of the Air to enter our circle. May they surround us with a comforting breeze, engage our senses with a swirling wind, and remind us that there is strength in movement, whether air, body, or spirit.  <light yellow candle>

Now look to the South. We stretch the very edge of our vision to gain the first glimpse of the spirits of Fire as they move in our direction. We are fortunate for the many lessons of duality, dependence, and destruction. For the flame has no human master. It is but a gift that we borrow from beyond. Our choices determine whether it be friend or foe. <light red candle>

Turn again and fix your gaze into the West. Give thanks to the spirits of Water as the cascade across the lands. One great body exists but spreads itself in many forms and in many locations. Frozen, liquid, or vaporous and from river, ocean, or sky above we see water everywhere. The great connection is purposeful, to heal, to purify, and to quench. <light blue candle>

Finally bring your sight to the North. Here we find the spirits of the Earth. To those who aren’t ready to see, things are stagnant and boresome. Yet those with eyes can wander the forests and hills, catching glimpse of the hidey holes and cubbies of the Fae. Mutual respect brings a wider field of vision, second sight, and whispered secrets of nature. It is our pleasure to welcome any and all who wish to attend. <light green candle>

<Ritual leader should Raise their arms high, near the circle center>
Great Goddess, it is you who give life to all things, both large and small. It is you that pulls life ever-upward from the land. Is is you that provides the spiritual guidance we seek. As we engage in this harvest moon ritual, we ask for your comforting company, so that each may feel protected as they purge their negative energies. <Light Goddess candle>


harvest moon ritual 2022


Each turning of the wheel assigns the nights of the full moons. In most months, the names remain the same, except for the full moon’s in September and October. Depending on how the calendar aligns with the moon cycle, the Harvest Moon could occur in either month. Long ago our ancestors, racing to finish the harvest before the cold weather hit, would work late into the night. For several nights, moonrise comes very close to sunset, which provides several hours of additional light. The world has changed over time and harvesting can go into November, with the right conditions.

We give thanks to the Goddess for providing through many different harvests throughout the summer. The grain, fruits, herbs, berries, roots and flowers are all gathered and stored for winter. Soon Mabon will be upon us, when we celebrate the second of the three great harvest festivals. At Lammas, we celebrated the grain. At Mabon we celebrate the traditional storage crops which provide the bulk of winter stores; potatoes, apples, squash, pears, corn, and onions. We also see hay cut and baled for animal feed. Finally on Samhain, we celebrate the third and final harvest when we gather the nuts, roots, herbs, and also livestock.

It is also the last full moon of the light half of the year. As summer ends many of us find ourselves eager to ‘get back into things’ that feed our spiritual life. We seek rituals and gatherings on chilly nights to share stories and remember our ancestors. This last full moon is the perfect time to cleanse and clear away the clutter of everyday life. It’s a perfect time to get back to basics, but before we dive it, we must raise the energy with a little music.

Musical Interlude

Choosing the appropriate music for a ritual often takes more time than writing it. I’m excited to bring this short piece for your listening enjoyment tonight. It is called “Song of the Moon”, by Ariana Silver. It has a wonderful pace and reaches back into ancient times to transport the echoes of our ancestors into the present voice.

Back to Basics

Our harvest moon ritual topic for this month is back to basics. And no, before you even think it, this isn’t for beginners. In fact, its just the opposite. Most of us have spent the last three months running here and visiting there. We’ve stayed up late trying to squeeze in every last moment of summer. During those three glorious months, we’ve indulged in too many sensual pleasures, consumed way too much food, drink, and all that other stuff that makes us feel good. We’ve danced like no one was watching, sang, drummed, hooted and hollered ourselves into exhaustion. All this is great, but I must ask, did we do any shadow work? How about practicing our magickal workings? Did we discover any new talents? Find any new areas of study? By now you probably have gotten the point.

Maybe you are thinking, that yes, you did copious amounts of spiritual development and growth over the summer. Maybe you were lucky enough to have that kind of time. I admire those who never get diverted from their path and continually progress in their quest to reach a state of enlightenment. So if that’s you, then just smile and listen anyway. For all the rest of you, the Harvest Moon is a good time to recommit to your chosen path. It’s also a good time to take stock of your life and what you have experienced this year. Focus on the ups and downs and the major events. Evaluate your actions, words, and activities. Were you keeping true to your beliefs or were you playing the game? Did you try to hide your beliefs, maybe cover up that pendant or skip attending a circle? Why?

Is someone or something keeping you from achieving your spiritual goals? Are those goals on the same level as other goals you set? I imagine that many planned vacations this summer. Bet no one cancelled them either. That goal was achieved. Goals in the physical world seem to get accomplished, so why not spiritual ones? There are many reasons. It’s easy to push them off since there aren’t any consequences. People will understand if I don’t come to a ritual, its vacation after all. It’s too hot to sit inside and practice the things I already know. There’s this new series online that I just have to watch. We act like they are something less important than all those other things. In actuality, it’s the most important thing. Our spirit is what makes us who we are, act the way we do, and commune with the natural world.

Don’t suddenly fall into a state of despair or suffer any grief because of a missed opportunity. It’s easy to get back to basics. You can start today; the moon is full and the lunar energy will cascade alongside of you as you journey into the recesses of your mind. Reach down deep and reconnect with the ideas you’ve been sitting on, and the spells partially finished. Resume meditating, stop procrastinating, take off your shoes and reconnect with nature. Forge ahead with your theories and written works. Fill your Book of Shadows with the lessons of herbs, crystals, and the power of the universe. Make time for family and friends, but also make time for yourself.

Do not be troubled, for we do not judge. Centuries of persecution provide valuable lessons. No one will ridicule you for procrastinating. There’s no shame derived from putting a physical pleasure ahead of a spiritual journey. History will not remember your absence and time won’t be concerned. And in closing, remember that getting back to basics will stir plenty of emotions; fun being the most common. Dust off those brooms everyone, it’s almost riding time!

harvest moon ritual 2022

Full Harvest Moon Ritual – Cleansing and Clearing

Our monthly full moon rituals in 2022 are focused on personal and community growth, taking control of our own lives, and being true to who we are. We gather under the endless light, drawing in the lunar energy to recharge and replenish. And we gather to share in a great cleansing ceremony. We shall clear away the negativity in our lives and permanently baggage from the past. Away with toxic people, toxic places and sucking pits of need. We seek to rid our minds of negativity, fear, darkness and emotional pain. We shall exile those who seek to gain or maintain influence over our lives.

As we pass from the light half of the year into the dark half, change will surround us. We must be vigilant and we must be focused. We must have a clear mind and command over your body. There is no bad behavior that cannot be changed. Nor are there bad people that we simply cannot live with. Negative energy serves no purpose except to destroy our will and erode our self confidence. Let me remind you that you are in control. This circle is a safe space and supercharged by lunar energy.  It’s time to make a choice: choose to run your life from this point forward or let someone else use you as their pawn forever. Drop the heavy burdens of others before they become your property. Focus on cleaning out that which no longer serves you in your greatest and highest good.

We are about to enter the awakening stage of this ritual, so get comfortable and prepare to receive.  It is recommended that you are barefoot so you can be grounded to the earth.  You are about to engage in a guided meditation which will bring you to a state of relaxed clarity…just go with it.

<from this point forward, the ritual leader should significantly slow down – each sentence must be allowed to sink into everyone’s thoughts – read one sentence, then a pause, then another then pause, and so on – speak with an even and calming voice throughout – your voice will help relax and allow everyone to focus>

Close you eyes.  Relax your body.  Take several deep breaths. Feel your flesh swaying with the night winds.  You are light as a feather. Weightlessness.  Neutral and balanced.  Free your mind of mundane activities.  Forget the future and forget the past.  Enter a state of simply being.  Allow the spirits of your ancestors and spirits of air, earth, fire and water to guide you.  Envision the great expanse of nothingness. You are entering into a state of calm rational thinking.  Right and Wrong are evident here.  Freedom and servitude are visible.  Darkness is clearly separate from the light.  The walls are unfolding and unfolding again.  Breathe deeply and remain focused.  The threads of the universe are exposed for you to observe.  Where are your connections?  What is bringing you to a higher state of being?  What is pulling you down or around?  Why are you allowing those bearing heavy ropes and chains to influence you?  Are your behaviors serving others, rather than yourself.  Are there beings who are using you or putting you down or trying to keep you down.  Are you visiting places which seem to draw you but offer you nothing but negativity. Do you see the darkness and the damage it is bringing.  Keep breathing deeply and remain focused.  There is much to evaluate and understand.  Do not rush through this task.  Examine everything.  If you seek happiness, what is stopping you from achieving it.  Are you being tricked into believing that happiness comes from external factors.  True happiness comes from within.  Breathe slowly.  Find the strength to call out that which is not serving you.  Your own inner vision can see the truth.  Prepare to shed yourself of that which does not serve your best and highest good.  Breathe.  Trust in yourself.  Trust in the powerful lunar energy.  Be your own spirit guide.  Lead yourself forward into victory.  Now slowly open your eyes.  Remain focused.  Prepare to step into the light.

<distribute paper and pencils>

Stepping out of your darkness is often terrifying.  It takes great strength to overcome forces that do not wish to surrender so easily.  You will need to reach deep and allow your warrior spirit to empower you.  Feel the energy of the earth as it courses through your body.  You are one with your ancestors.  You are one with the elements.  You are one with your community.  Your family is here to support you.  It is time to step out of the darkness.  Use your natural intention to shed yourself from the debris and negative forces that haunt you.  Now, write down everything that is working against you.  Decide that in this moment, you are releasing those thing which hold power over you. Pledge to yourself that you are cutting those cords forever.  This is the moment to burn away that which causes you pain. This is the moment to free yourselves from fear and anxiety.  This is the moment to take back the you from those who want to control you.  Stop participating in unhealthy relationships. Stop being used.  Shake away the false feelings of security.  Break free from the abuses.  Your future depends on your strength of mind.  Believe your warrior-self that this is a fight you can and will win. Believe it with all your heart.  Allow the powerful energy of the full moon to strengthen your resolve.  As you command it, then it shall be!

When you are ready, approach the fire with conviction and commit your list to the flames – saying out loud, “I release that which no longer serves me”

<Provide ample time for everyone to burn and meditate over what was released>

Steady yourselves, for a great weight has been lifted from your spiritual being.  I congratulate you at taking this amazing step into self-healing and self-reliance.  Before we close, this full Harvest Moon ritual, there are a few things to remember.  Many of you will need support when you leave the circle.  Negativity doesn’t give up easily.  Your mind has been purged of many bad things and there are spaces that can be filled.  Do not allow other negative forces to occupy them.  Find your tribe, follow your path, fill those spaces with that which serves you to become a better version of yourself.  Immerse yourself in being a beacon of light to ward away the darkness.  Bring your own happiness and from this point forward, enjoy the peace and harmony that you deserve.  So mote it be!

Closing the Circle for our Full Harvest Moon Ritual

Begin in the North as we bid farewell to the spirits of Earth. With sole on soil we have felt the great grounding energy that binds the physical world together. We’ve listened to the whispers and laughs of the forest creatures watching from a distance. The rocks and trees are aglow with the powerful lunar energy. Awestruck with the splendor of existing, are we! <extinguish green candle>

Now look West as we say thank you to the great spirits of Water for their council tonight. As fire burns away the negative and dark, so shall water cleanse the empty spaces and prepare them for invited guests. As we venture, we shall not forget the lesson of the three states of water, power does not lie with how you can change, but how you adapt to change.  <extinguish blue candle>

Again we shall gaze upon the South and offer our highest praise and most humble and complete message of gratitude to the spirits of Fire. For the flames did consume the darkness and the iron grip of the controlling masses, from the faithful here gathered. The smoke rising to height distant and beyond the sight of all, before leaving this land for a place far beyond. <extinguish red candle>

And lastly look to the East and engage with the spirits Air as they make their way to the heavens. Let all ears be open to hearing the messages of our ancestors carried on the breeze, for we are stronger when we learn from those who have walked these lands before us.  <extinguish yellow candle>

<Ritual leader should Raise their arms high, near the circle center>
Great Goddess, she who gives without reluctance, creates without boundaries, and forgives without a memory. We are humbled in your presence and offer highest praises, great prayers, and a lifetime of devotion to your service. We humbly thank you for the love and encouragement to help us move into a higher state of vibration. <extinguish Goddess Candle>

The Circle is Open !


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