Full Flower Moon – May, 2018 – Honoring the Essential Energy Sources

flower moon

Full moon nights are the best night of each month to banish negative energy from your life to make room for more positive energy.  The full moon for the month of May is called the Full Flower Moon, also called the Full Blessing Moon, The Corn Planting Moon, Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, and the Bright Moon.  With winter firmly in the distance, and fertility still rich in the air from Beltane festivities, it is a time to watch the beauty of nature unfold in every direction.  Plants are blooming and flowers blossoming.  Energies are being exchanged across the lands and all of nature is in a rapid growth cycle.  And although humans don’t experience the rapid physical growth each spring, they do have an annual mental awakening; if they allow themselves to experience it.  The human mind is like a budding flower, blossoming each spring. So tonight we’ll take time to honor this portion of the yearly cycle of life; the time when we gather energy from the world to support our own growth.

What You’ll Need For This Ritual

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle – I prefer a three wick candle to symbolize the triple Goddess
Goblet or ceremonial drinking vessel
Sacred water – either from a sacred well or other source considered important to your area
Wooden  matches – long fireplace ones
Paper and pencils
Earth bowl – any natural container can be used – fill it with soil, stones, herbs, and flower blossoms
Fire pit

Throughout this ritual, any text surrounded by these symbols < > should be considered instructional and not spoken aloud but done in accordance with the directions

Ritual Begins

A circle spinning round and round; it’s power pulled from sacred ground; around us it shall form a dome; tonight our space; tonight our home.  Timeless and without permanent place; I hereby cast this sacred space!

Calling the Quarters

Whispering winds of the East, sweet springtime Air that carries upon it the glorious scent of nature in full bloom, we humbly ask for your presence in our circle this night. <light yellow candle in the east>

Brilliant and glorious flames from the great Fires of the South, we call upon you on this night to join us in our circle, surrounding and penetrating our collective energies and cleansing our physical bodies of negative energy. <light red candle in the south>

Purest clear and cold Waters from the West immerse us in your cleansing power; fill us with the same vitality that feeds all life across the globe.  We call upon you to join us in our circle this night. <light blue candle int he west>

Great spirits of the North, we call upon you to join us this night, bringing a foundational stability to those gathered here, grounding us in the same foundations of our Earth. <light green candle in the north>

Oh great Goddess, grace us with your light, your inspiration, and your command of the flame; we call upon you to illuminate our way with your radiance – Welcome and blessed be <light Goddess candle>

Opening Statement

This May moon has been called the light of awareness, for it finds the darkest places in our soul where ignorance, shame, guilt, and embarrassment hide.  Allow it to search throughout your being, so as you may release those hidden feeling from your darkness. Let the Flower Moon assist you in shedding your protective skin as a form of renewal and rebirth.

This is also a time for self-reflection and self-assessment. Look into yourselves for things that have been hidden; draw from your inner strength so they will make themselves known. You are offered the chance to heal and to look at yourself in a whole new way; bathed in the light of the Flower moon.  This is also a chance for rebirth.  Step bravely out of your comfort zone and experience…anything your heart desires.  The May full moon accompanies with it a great potential for change. Embrace this change and welcome the magnificent shifts coming your way!

Monthly Cleansing

Each full moon, we take time to release, to purposefully surrender those things which are weighing us down and filling our soul full of negativity.  Despite our best efforts, we all carry baggage from bad experiences, unhappy encounters, and the unfortunate introduction of bad things into our lives.  If you are in tune, many of those encounters are deflected, yet not always.  Psychic Vampires are always trying to break through our defenses to attach dark cords to us.  Creatures of chaos are trying to disrupt our otherwise harmonious lives.  Those who dwell in darkness are constantly reaching up in an attempt to pull us down.

<offer paper and pencil to write down things>

This battle between light and dark has gone on for eons and will continue.  And so each month we come together in support of one another and cast off that which no longer serves us, we cut the cords of energy thieves, and we open up space to be filled with strong and supportive energy.  If you have something you wish to release, then please approach the fire and send it to the skies above in an act of permanent banishment.

<allow time for people to approach and burn whatever they need to>

May Moon Magick – Honoring the Essential Energy Sources

We are surrounded by energy; plant energy, energy from the sun, earth energy, and yes…human energy.  It’s the glue that holds the fabric of the universe together while simultaneously being the one and only thing strong enough to tear it apart.  We talk about energy all the time, but rarely step back to see the “big picture,” because there is balance in the universe.  Our ancestors were much more devoted than we are, in honoring the essential energy sources – fire, earth, air, and water.  This portion of the ritual does exactly that.

Water…the source of life.  From the tiniest stream to the largest oceans, every drop of water is precious.  It keeps our bodies in balance and every living thing is connected to it in some way.   There are a number of water sources found across the earth which are considered sacred; some are purported to extend life, others to heal, and even others to be temporary dwelling places for Gods and Goddesses.  We do not kneel before water, no do we worship it or place it upon a high pedestal – instead we honor water.  We offer our eternal thanks for its ability to quench our thirst, to give life to our seeds, and to cleanse our flesh.  We use it to anoint, to bless, and to wash away negativity.

“Behold the sacred water of the ancient wells” <substitute your water source as needed>

<Fill the chalice or ceremonial cup with water and walk the circle asking each person to touch the cup and add their individual blessing – when it returns, pour the water onto the earth>

Air…the great teacher.  Invisible but always present, air gives breath to the living, cools the plants in the fields, and carries the message of flowers and fauna.  It, above all other elements, symbolizes faith and reminds us that there is more to see other than what our physical eyes can take in.  We cannot capture or tame the air, yet we know it is always there.  Changing winds have often been attributed to great things about to emerge.  Some attribute gale force winds to be the work of negative spirits or energies as they promise damage and destruction.  Other say that a brisk wind directly in the face is a sign that something is holding us back.  And still others associate air with flexibility.  We honor the great source of oxygen.

“Breathe deeply for the air you take in has been shared by generations of your ancestors!”

<Take the feather and walk the circle, allowing each person to handle and generate their own wind with it, when it returns, wave the collected energies into the air>

Fire…the light in the darkness.  Of the four great elements, only fire comes with a warning, for it is full of natural beauty, but also inherently dangerous.  Fire represents passion, creativity, and hope.  It’s a source of unlimited energy that requires careful stewardship and control, or it will grow unchecked and consume all that is near.  It teaches us boundaries, the hearth is the center of a home, and it consumes; yet as it does so, it gives both light and heat.  It feels no remorse it lighting up the darkness.  It is the closest many of us will ever come to active energy and we use it in our rituals and ceremonies as a positive thing.  We revere the great cleansing flames.

“Pass this flame and keep it’s image forever bound to your soul!”

<Using long wooden matches, have one person start and “pass” the flame to the next person and so on until it goes back to the origination point; send the flame back to it’s maker in the fire pit>

Earth…the anchor of everything.   Neither air, nor water, or even fire would exist without earth.  From the womb of Mother Earth comes all that we see around us; the rich loam that provides nutrients to the budding trees and newly emerging shoots of green; the corn, and wheat, and fruit; the herbs and flowers; and the mighty oaks, birch, and pines.  It is the epicenter of energy transfer and is in perpetual motion of giving or receiving yet always maintaining balance.  We praise the earth for its ability to cleanse the natural world from the effects of pollution and destruction.  We thank the earth for providing all things.

<Pass the earth bowl and have each person take a handful and share their personal energy with it before distributing it all around themselves>

As it’s been long overdue, we’ve taken time to honor the sacred sources of energy on this full moon night; we’ve experienced the coolness of water on a hot summer day, the freshness of air the moment we step into forest, the heat and light of fire on a cold winter night, and the never ending energy exchange that happens continuously on earth.  Our understanding of these great energies continues to grow and develop as we become more in tune with them.  As we engage with the world around us for the months of planting, watering, and harvesting, we see how each of these energies contribute to all growing things.  Our last step to fully complete this great circle of energy is to bless those who nurture the growth; those who feel the warmth of the soil on their hands; those who protect the young seedlings; those who carefully till and thin and water and weed; those who give their energy to the land.

<have everyone link arms/hold hands/or otherwise connect themselves – designate four individuals at each of the cardinal directions to hold the following objects – East (feather), South (flame/match), West (water/cup), North (earth/soil//stone)>


Air, Water, Fire, and Earth

Energy moving back and forth

Connected all – connected one

Wind, moisture, soil, and sun

The land around; springtime birth

Use our hands to coax new growth

Flower, stem, blossom, and seed

Sheltered by the vines and trees

This blessing now, we say aloud

Gathered under nighttime clouds

Provide us with rules of tools

A guiding hand to till the land

A level head to plant the beds

A sharpened eye to watch the sky

Activate our memories

To harness all these energies

Bless the bud and bless the blossom

Until the harvest, in the Autumn



Closing the circle

Spirits of the Earthly realm, thank you for your presence in our circle this night. May we be blessed with the ability to remain centered and strong.  We bid you farewell. <extinguish green candle>

Spirits of Watery realm, thank you for your presence in our circle this night.  May we be blessed with the ability to flow with life’s currents. We bid you farewell. <extinguish blue candle>

Spirits of the Fiery realm, thank you for your presence in our circle this night. May we be blessed with the ability to find the beacon that illuminates the way ahead. We bid you farewell. <extinguish red candle>

Spirits of the Airy realm, thank you for your presence in our circle this night. May we be blessed with the ability to rise above difficulties that may challenge us. We bid you farewell. <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, we thank you for your wisdom and love. Thank you for sharing this night with us in our sacred space. <extinguish Goddess candle>


This circle is open but unbroken,
No longer sacred this space do I decree.
May the Blessed Ones guide our paths,
In faith and friendship and unity!

Blessed Be!


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