Full Buck Moon – July, 2018 – Total Lunar Eclipse

Photo by Charles Alsheimer

On the night of the Full Moon (July 27), there will be a total lunar eclipse, but sadly this eclipse won’t be visible from the U.S. or Canada.  It will be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century, lasting four hours with the total phase lasting 1 hour and 43 minutes.  Many people will refer to this full moon as a Blood Moon due to the reddish-brown coloration the moon will have in some areas of the world.

As always, our monthly Full Moon gatherings are a focal point for everyone to both purge and permanently release things from our lives which are weighing us down.  It’s important that each of us maintain control over what we select to release.   Sometimes we feel a need to let go of things that we can come to regret later.  This often is caused by heightened emotions and impulsive reactions that are “in the moment.”  If you’re unsure about releasing something, then it’s better to meditate and evaluate before letting it go.  Remember that you can always release something at a later time.

What You’ll Need For This Ritual

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle – I prefer a three wick candle to symbolize the triple Goddess
Paper and pencils

Throughout this ritual, any text surrounded by these symbols < > should be considered instructional and not spoken aloud but done in accordance with the directions

Ritual Begins

A circle spinning round and round; it’s power pulled from sacred ground; around us it shall form a dome; tonight our space; tonight our home. Timeless without permanent place; I hereby cast this sacred space!

Calling the Quarters

Noble spirits of East; guardians of the mighty winds; hear our words upon your mighty winds, for it is your strength that we seek tonight in this circle. Join Us! <light yellow candle>

Revered spirits of the South; masters of the billows, forges, and anvils; protect our hearth and safeguard our homes; It is your light that we seek tonight in this circle.   Join Us! <light red candle>

Exalted spirits of West; the source of the cleansing waters of life; wash away that which is weighing us down; quench our spiritual thirst; It is your fluidity that we seek tonight in this circle.   Join Us! <light blue candle>

Honorable spirits of North; the realm where all earthly things are sacred and valuable; remind us to be thankful for all life on earth; it is your grounding that we seek tonight in this circle.   Join Us! <light green candle>

Great Goddess, She who gives life to the plants and birds and animals, Queen of the starry sky and the endless seas, we seek your audience in this circle tonight; for your guidance; for your blessings; for your eternal love! <light Goddess candle>

Opening Our Minds and Reviewing Our Choices

Tonight we are gathered under this July full moon; known as the Thunder Moon and Buck Moon; the former because of the numerous thunderstorms in July due to the extreme heat, and the latter as July is the month the deer and elk’s antlers are fully grown for the season.

This month’s full moon is significant and shouldn’t be overlooked.  The Full Thunder Moon ushers in a major energetic shift.  The energy will be intense enough to “snap” some “sleepwalkers” awake and they’ll finally be able to see things fall into place in their mind, clarity will be with them, and inspiration will grow in the aftermath – just as the flowers bloom and the grasses grow after the nourishing waters of the thunderstorms of July, we too are poised to grow after the nourishing energy of this full moon.

When the sun aligns with the Full Thunder Moon, it is highlighting opposing forces or polarities in our lives.  Examples are working versus relaxing, what you need versus what you want, or taking risks versus playing things safe.  Maybe you’ve been waiting for something in your work life to bloom into something more or perhaps you’ve been contemplating major changes in your relationship.  This is a time when new powers want to emerge – don’t fight the feelings; just let them show you the way.  Remember that there is energy working on your behalf.  Use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any obstacles to succeeding.  Tapping into this newly available energy may make you may feel strange at first, but deep down, you will feel comfortable and empowered. Your intuition and subconscious both play key roles this Full Moon; just keep an open mind and be receptive to any information received.

Major energetic shifts, such as this one, will often make us feel like we are being pulled in a million different directions; as if everything we’ve ever come into contact with, suddenly wants to reconnect.  Stay grounded and make practical and rational decisions. Focus will help each of us come out on top of this powerful phase.

For the past few lunar cycles, we have been letting go and releasing all the things in our lives that have stood in our way. Now is the time to review our decisions and fine tune our own future.  You may have discovered something previously hidden or perhaps someone has attached a cord to you.  Knowing it is half the battle, releasing it the other half; now is the time those releases. Write them down and burn them along with anything else you wish to rid yourself of.  Also if you have any other items you need to break free from, burn them as well.

<Allow time for everyone to purge and burn at their own pace>

This Full moon is a time of incredible opportunity, filled with positive energy, but only if you use it correctly.  And like most things, it depends on your commitment and intent.  Be cautioned that this Full Moon can wreak havoc on your emotions and the emotions of everyone around you.  Those with no understanding of the change in energy will feel out of touch and anxious.  This full moon will pour an intense amount of energy down upon us and we must be in a calm state of mind to receive its positive effects and keep the outside noise from those who aren’t ready to receive, down to a minimum.  Three key parts of our lives will be impacted by this energy shift more than others; finances, home matters, and relationships.  Just remember, that whatever is going on in your body, your mind and your spirit will be amplified. Hang on because it may be a bumpy ride!

On Your Own

This is a great time to dive into your own spiritual past. If you believe in the notion of past lives, you may wish to safely explore your earlier lives in the light of the Full Buck Moon. Revel in who you were, where you have been, and how it impacts this life.   It is also a good time to embark on a self-imposed vision quest, if you’re feeling bold.

Closing the circle

Spirits of the Earth, thank you for your presence in our circle this night. We bid you farewell. <extinguish green candle>

Spirits of Water, thank you for your presence in our circle this night.  We bid you farewell. <extinguish blue candle>

Spirits of Fire, thank you for your presence in our circle this night. We bid you farewell. <extinguish red candle>

Spirits of the Air, thank you for your presence in our circle this night. We bid you farewell. <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, we thank you for your wisdom and love. Thank you for sharing this night with us in our sacred space. <extinguish Goddess candle>

This circle is now open but never broken!


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