Fluttering Heart – Poetry of Love


fluttering heart fairy

No purchase for my weary legs

Breathless and filled with a sensual trembling

Moments much too aplenty for a fluttering heart

I cannot count the missed beats, the palpitations

In fact all caused by a mere glance from you.

And despite the knowing we’ve spent over time

Physical comforts not lost when the moment arises

Sharing space, drinking the air around you

The warmth in my chest, absent of flame

A jewel resting lightly on my fingertip

Light, so pure that nothing may extinguish it

Tis what the faeries call the magic I’m told

Wonderment of unimaginable pleasure

PA fevered pitch that ripples through my soul

With the distance closed and feelings alert

I’d cry out with platitudes and admiration

My testament of love echoed in eternity

Clarity my lifelong companion in life

My fortune to have seen your light

But also to have lived within its glow

Take no leave, but in times when you must

Lay hands upon my soul

Fill it with the enchantment of your love

Yet as you stay, giveth me a hand

My eyes free to search your everything

The ballet of life shall be our step

Golden rays of sun our realization of time

A single kiss, a succulent taste of paradise

Step lightly and cascade though the steps

Whirling and spinning in the magic

Too, shall I be your shadowed mirror

Each placement a perfect match

A lifetime of linked moments await me

Still weakened by your very sight

Vision sealed in a trance of pleasure

And always, a fluttering heart


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