Palm Readings Cannot be Done Over the Phone



A palm reading is a spiritual and personal event, not to be taken lightly or to be underestimated.  Your palmist will show you the lines and branches in both of your hands and will impart thousands of years of wisdom and study on you in the process.  Together you will take a journey into your past life, your present life, and you may get direction on what your future holds, if you are fortunate.  Palmistry is a dynamic process as the lines of our hands are not permanent but do reflect the thinking, habits, and traits a person possesses.  As we change as individuals, some of our lines change to reflect our new personality.

Palmistry is a hands on activity where the palmist and the person physically make contact and share energy.  A palmist may be able to look at a print of your hand (done with a water-based ink and parchment paper under careful supervision to insure a good transfer) but there are limitations as compared to an actual face to face reading.  Or hand to hand for that matter.  You cannot get a palm reading over the phone, despite what some people try to imply.  No real palmist will even offer you the option of a palm reading over the phone, or the internet, or on video.  Unfortunately there are those who use the ancient arts as a way to separate people from their wages and they will take the easiest and most profitable ways to do so.  Be skeptical of anyone offering you any type of reading whether it be tarot, crystal sphere, or palm reading over the phone.

A fake palmist will gravitate to the simple things that even a novice reader can identify; actually if you do an over the phone reading, you’ll be doing all the work examining your own hand.  You could just as easily discover the same things one of these con-artists will tell you with some light reading.  A true palmist has decades or more of knowledge at their disposal to go in-depth with every whirl, line, and mount and truly help you understand there meaning now and into the future.



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