Faerie Meditation – Meeting Your Faeries


This is a script for a guided faerie meditation. The (…..) between words indicate periods of pause for the orator. Allow 20 to 40 minutes to complete this faerie meditation, depending on the reader and how much time is allotted to the interaction phase. Select a peaceful place, preferably outdoors in an area which is away from any dwellings or industry to perform this. Take time to allow the participants to relax and get comfortable with their surrounding before beginning; letting their positive energies take command and their minds to be fully open. The orator should speak the meditation in a calm and loving manner and not rush any part. Tranquility and harmony of the environment provide the greatest opportunity for a successful meditation.

-May you eternally walk in sunshine; your soul filled with magick, your heart overflowing with love, and your door always open to those in need of spiritual guidance…

Faerie Meditation


Form a Circle

Close Your Eyes

Take a Deep Breath…..and Release It

Again, Take a Deep Breathe….Hold It……and Release

Relax Every Muscle in Your Body…..Your Arms……Shoulders…….Neck…….Tongue

Take a Deep Breathe……….Release

Through Your Nose, Another Deep Breathe…….Release It

Open Your Mind…..Open Your Third Eye……Relax

Take a Deep Breathe…….Release It

Prepare Yourself for a Journey Into the Inner Realms

Deep Breathe…….and Release It

Allow Yourself to Explore What is Common to All of Us, But Unique to Each of Us

Deep Breathe…..Release It…..Open Minds……..Deep Breathe…….Release

Let Your Body, Mind, and Soul Embark on a Journey With Me

We are Outdoors……Somewhere in the North, Where the Nights and Crisp and the Days Warm

It’s Early…All of Nature is Waking Up Around Us, The Sleepers Have Awakened

The Light Show of the Pre-Dawn Skies Lifts Our Energy, Showering Us in Purple and Magenta

The Mist of the Mountain, Slowly Thins Around Us as the First Rays Break Forth from the Skies

Golden Threads Slip Without a Care Between the Last Remaining Hints of Nighttime Shadows

Pure Perfection Spills Forth, Effortlessly Illuminating the Gardens and the Forest Behind

Raise Your Arms and Bathe Them in the Spreading Warmth, Bask in the Angelic Glow

We’re Taking in Everything Around Us Before We Set Off on Our Way

Soft Winds Capture the Intertwined Exotic Floral Scents Riding the Morning Air

Magnolia, Lilac, Sweet Pea, Gardenia, and Roses of all Types Offer Their Gifts to the Blend

Take a Deep Breathe, Fill Your Head with the Heady Aroma of Purest, Living Beautiful

Dark Green Leaves Layered Underneath Delicate Ferns, Trumpeting Fronds, and Tender Shoots

Undulating Waves of Nature Empowered, Only Separated By Glistening Ponds and Paths

Move Through the Gardens, Each Step Carefully Placed on One of the Hundreds of Stepping Stones

Mosses of a Thousand Years Paint the Lines and Spaces Held Within, in a Kaleidoscope of Greens

Continue Moving Toward the Majestic Wall of Great Oaks, Noble Firs, Shimmering Birch, and Sturdy Ash

As you Draw Closer, Imagine Your Hands Moving Freely…Reaching Out to Touch Their Giant Trunks

You Pause, Looking Skyward for the Tops, But Your Vision Only Registers Branches, Higher and Higher

Dance for a Moment, Stepping in Rings Around the Trees, Watching as Kicked Up Leaves Take Flight

Set Your Inner Child Free to Chase After Them, Skipping and Twisting with the Wind

Deeper into the Forest, Where a Peaceful and Eternal Coolness Shares Space With the Land

Where a Moment of Stillness Leads to the Discovery of Both Close and Distant Sounds

The Gentle Sound of Water Lapping Along a Lush Green Bank, Dances Across the Forest Floor

High Above, Hawks and Eagles are Soaring Through the Skies, Calling Out to One Another

Moving Once Again….Gliding Through the Widened Maze of Life….Frolicking Among the New

Eyes Searching….So Much to Collect…..So Many Different Species of So Many Things Growing

Acorns and Nuts Dot The Carpet of Soft Pine Needles Which Extend in Every Direction

Two Curious Squirrels Sit Atop a Fallen Branch…Their Heads Slightly Turned in Wonderment

Tiny Movements From the Left and the Right Draw Your Attention, But Nothing Is all You’ve Seen

Imagine We’re Still Moving….Still Breathing Deeply…..Staying Relaxed With Open Minds

Still Moving Forward With Intent….The Trees Giving Way to More Open Spaces

Deer, Some Still in Velvet, Watch From Deep Behind a Canopy of Brambled Bushes and Vines

Like Statues they Stand….Trying to Feel Our Energies as We Prance Through Their Domain

Not Alarmed, But Also Curious at Our Passing….Seemingly Understanding Our Journey

Watching Our Purposeful Steps…Joyful and Knowingly Bringing Us Closer and Closer

Above Our Heads, the Rapid Passing of Something Very Small and Very Quick

Again We Find Our Heads on a Swivel, Eyes Darting Skyward, Dodging the Golden Glare

The Rise of the Land Beneath Our Feet, Lifts Each Step Higher Than the One Before

The Crest Will Soon be Upon Us…Greenery Changing As We Continue Along

Mighty Branches Give Way to Sturdy Aspens, Colored Maples, and Smaller Species

Colored Leaves Burst Forth From Every Corner of Every Space

Sunlight Streams in Wide Swaths, Bathing the Blossoming Wildflowers and Cattails

Your Eyes are Drawn to the Wide Expanse Coming Into Your Field of View

A Meadow….One of Lush Green Fronds Waving in the Afternoon Breezes

One Where Flowers of Every Color Reach Skyward in a Glorious Chorus of Magick

This Wide Open Expanse of Perfection is the Destination You’ve Been Seeking

It is the Place Where Two Worlds Will Merge.…A Place Where the Forest Ends

With Two Majestic Oaks, Their Trunks Wide and Sturdy, Limbs Long, Leaves Green

Each Stands on a Side, Their Branches Merging Overhead in a Noble Archway

Two Steps of Purest White Marble Extend the Length of This Faerie Gate

The Space Gathered From One Oak to the Other, Appears as a Reflecting Pool

Shimmering Almost Mirror-Like Surface that Stretches From the Ground to Infinity Above

Passing Through This Gateway Requires No More Effort Than Taking A Step

Continue Forward, Step Through the Gate…Welcome to Opportunity

Let Your Eyes Roam as you Pass Through the Ether, Look Skyward, Look Earthward

Warm Breezes Bathe Your Skin as Giggles and Laughter Sounds Fill Your Ears

Sweet Whispers Reveal Their Hiding Places from Behind the Thick Grasses

In Every Direction the Acres of Flowered Fields Dance at the Whim of the Wind

Watch Wave After Wave, Slowly Start and Then Gather Energy as it Moves

Riding the Tips of the Grasses, Jumping from Stem to Stem, Up and Down and Around

A Carpet Ride to the Infinite Skies and Back Again, A Living Experience of Oneness

And Beyond, Far to the Directions Three, Towering Over This Lovely Meadow

Granite Borders One and All, Three Peaks and What Lies in Between

Give Ample Gaze and Train Your Eyes to the Ridgelines and How the Sun Breaks

Carefully Dividing the Light of the Late Afternoon Into Bridges and Rails

From High Above and Down to the Meadow the Bent Rays Might Travel

Byways and Skyways and Pathways Abound, Leaving Time for all to Come Round

A Butterfly Gathering Offers Movement from the Edge of the Clearing

Imagine Yourself Walking into the Center of the Meadow

Now, Imagine Closing Your Eyes, Your Energies Will Take You on the Next Steps

You Have Brought Your Offerings and Have Come Here Ready and Able to Receive

From Every Corner of the Meadow and Atop the Mountains, the Call Goes Out to all Fae

Notice the Feeling in the Air, A Magickal Feeling…A Charge Rides the Currents

Fragments of Ancient Knowledge Make Themselves Known

Imagine you are Playing a Melody Known Only to You on a Pan Pipe or Flute

Focus on the First Few Notes that Emerge from the Music You’ve Just Created

Listen to the Soothing Sounds, Watch as the Faeries Emerge From Their Nooks

You are Awash With Glorious Feelings of All That is Beautiful and Magickal

Deep Inside Down to Your Very Core, Your Inner Beauty and Love is Drawn Up

Magickal Beings Line Up If Only to Make Your Acquaintance and Share an Embrace

Higher and Higher Your Spiritual Energies Push your Open, Outpouring of Love

You Hold Out Your Hand and Reverently Ask Each Fae Its Name

Tears Stream Down Your Cheeks as You are Washed with Love By Embrace

Again and Again Waves of Pure Love, Pure Happiness, and Pure Joy

Wrapping Your Soul in a Magickal Blanket, Your Heart in Un-comparable Joy

Feel the Total Purification that Flows Through Your Very Core

<<<<<Give Time for Interaction with Fae>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You Hands Tingling With Absolute Energy, Every Sense on Delicious Overload

And Yet, This Moment Remains Only a Moment….One Realized and Savored Forever

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow, Yet this Moment Will Be Renewed Again and Again

For Here on This Very Day, Bonds that Lend Themselves to Forever and Beyond

Connections were Forged, Magick was Shared, and Sight was Shared

Tis Such a Tender Moment to Observe the Last Fae Slip into the Hidden Beyond

As the Sun Gives It’s Last Burst of Warmth, the Time of Departure is Upon Us

Turn towards the Gate, Moving Lighter than Air Itself, you Glide Homeward

The Forest calls for your return Like an Old Friends, With Limbs Outstretched and a Cool Breeze

Your Mind Wanders, Yet You See So Much More than You Previously Did

Sharper Sight reveals a Little One Peaking Around a Mushroom Cap

Smiling at the Child-like Antics, You Know that Today was More than Just a Journey

Take a Deep Breath…..Release It

Remember All That You Experienced Today

Another Deep Breath….and Release

Clear Your Mind and Think of Nothing

Deep breathe…..release it

Slowly Open Your Eyes

Feel Your Earthly Self Retake Control of Your Body

Deep breathe……Hold It…….Release

Move your arms, Your head

Look around…..breathe…. release


© 2017  RJ Schwartz, © 2017  Ralph Schwartz

This faerie meditation may be reproduced in it’s original form and used in any manner whatsoever provided the original source and authorship is appropriately noted and linked to this, the original posting.


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