Event On The Horizon – The Darkness Revealed


The finality of the horizon, or so the eye might see

The darkness revealing itself; splintered at first

Fading hues of orange, yellow, and red

Reaching skyward, grasping the moments

While the moments are still being sought

By the greys and darks of the night

Their presence creates a competition

The end results are predictably, a sharing of space

Illuminated shadows spill forth from the edges

Momentarily captured in the eternal prism of night

Offering nothing more than a brief display

Until they too retreat behind the skyline

Wispy clouds seem to dance in unison

Shimmering in an electrified light show

Gathering the remnants of the daylight hours

For a spectacular finale, before an abrupt closure

The inner light of the twilight sparkling

In a reflection of an already past sunset

And as the daylight finally surrenders

Allowing the darkness to prevail for a while

The shadows seem to fade and melt away

Blackness layered upon more blackness

Tall pinion pines, like enormous angry spikes

Contribute to the jagged nightscape

Flanked by the branchy giant hardwoods

And the dense foliage below

Nearly hidden from sight, they tower and wait

For the arrival of the characters of the night

And almost on cue, the first star makes itself known

Growing brighter as the seconds pass

Until it twinkles like a jewel on a velvet cloth

Others emerge in a gathering of plenty

Effortlessly showering the nightscape

With a new breed of illumination

And when the contrasting night is just right

The night welcomes the main attraction

Called Alkina, Lewanna, Miah, and Hang

Selene, Yue, Qamar, Loorea, or Celine

The night bids welcome to the moon

Its light casts an eerie glow upon the ground below

Reviving the lost and muddled shadows

With renewed illumination and glow

And the show goes on in a splendor of night

Only closing with the coming of the new dawn






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