Erotic Sensitivity, Intensity, Ecstasy


Erotic sensitivity, a gaze, a touch, a proclivity

An interaction in a sacred space, a sacred place

Where all that meets the eye is your reality

Air currents charged with temporary electricity

Thoughts emerging, forming, almost visibly

Sensations fueling a heavenly coupling

Erotic interactions nearly simultaneously

Touching, tasting, kissing, fondling

Eyes scanning, limbs twisted in ambiguity

Labored breathing, perspiration, passion

Flesh no longer a solid surface

Porous, penetrable, pliable, and perfect

Dimensions of flesh upon flesh unite

Synchronized contracting, reacting

Colliding, subsiding, and dividing

Dimensionless abandonment prevailing

Radiance permeating the moonlight

Communality of pleasurable conformity

Gentle yielding to erotic conformity

The congress of sweetness exchanging

Sensual deeds and acts of reciprocity

Sharing me, giving me, being me, only me

Former two, now share one identity

Emerging then re-convergence, serving

Giving back that which has never been taken

Taking that which shared, sharing the giving

Passionate merging of erotic thinking

Auditory consonance of the orgasmic merger

Transparency overcoming opacity

Labored breathing rising from the heated abyss

Fathomless oceans of tranquility

Erotic intensity, enchanting duality

Rising constantly, reaching, pleasuring

Intensely building toward immensity

Inhibitions abandoned, moments captured

The quiet of the world enveloping

Eyes locked visually, motionless

Bodies move in harmony,

Slowly and then quickly

Softly and urgently, ravenously

Hungrily, aggressively, uncontrollably

Rising fullness, opening, unfolding

Momentarily lapsing into perfection

Synchronous releasing of energy

Ethereal emotional imagery

Embodiment of fantasy

Pure Ecstasy




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