Emancipation – The Taste Of A Flower



Taste the flower

While in the shower

The magic power

Happy hour


Gleeful colors

Joyful lovers

Sometimes others

To discover

Moving pictures

Missing knickers

Poetic scriptures

Buzzing mixtures


Dripping water

Praise the blotter

Country daughter

Getting hotter


Surrealist flight

Through day and night

Water sprite

Ravenous appetite


Figurine on mescaline

Shades of green

And in-between

Nearly seventeen


Or so it seems

A time machine




Mushroom harvest

Done in darkness

Magic carpet

Silky garments


Finger painting

No complaining


And fascinating


Tracing lines

With no confines

To the nines


A little whirl

Across the pearl

Then unfurl

Hippie girl


Awakened nerves

Across the curves

No reserve

Hors d’oeuvres







Ayahuasca trip

Floating ship

Skinny dip

Landing strip



To that silky liquid

Not restricted

Time has shifted


Oh so precious

Quite auspicious

Embrace lubricious

Beyond delicious



New fixation




Author’s Note

Emancipation; breaking free from that which controls or influences us – it’s a powerful concept that can lead to total anarchy or simply an awakening of the mind, body, and spirit.  This piece will likely be considered offensive to many due to multiple references to psychedelic drugs and sexual innuendos, and yet those are some of the leading ways that human beings can truly experience total freedom.  We are bound by a fictitious grouping of behaviors that society calls “morals” which are nothing more than restrictions on living life to it’s robust fullness.  Most people work “for the man” during the weekdays, but when left to their own desires, they tend to look toward their own pleasure.  During those “unsupervised” hours, humans seem to eat, drink, and be merry – often shifting to a higher plane of existence where everything has beauty and meaning.

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