Echoes of a Lifetime of Loving You




What of the permanency of sound

Outward and upward and beyond

Traveling but never dissipating

Such are the wonders of eternity


To think, perchance to ponder

Lost in never-ending wonderment

Every word we’ve spoken aloud

Somewhere in the vast expanse


Sometimes I listen to the night skies

To some, each echo a passing whisper

Secrets shared in the darkest of night

Sounds of passion and conversation


Natural curiosity raises inquiry

What of thought and dreams

Tied to some type of sound

How shall I listen to that great mystery


I listen for complete recollection

Each time the song more beautiful

My mind’s eye taking photographs

Precious reminders of every moment


Memories of a lifetime of loving you

Loving you across space and time

Lifetimes listening for your voice

For you and none other my dearest


Lest you start to worry; I bid you peace

For no one else has such a connection

Verses of love are reserved for lovers

Protected on high by the moon and stars


Tis the will of the Goddesses; Ishtar and Venus

Freya, Branwen, and Hera do approve

Radha, Parvarti, Juno, and Aphrodite too

Love always ascends to the highest ground


Fret not, for we two are not yet alone

Other lovers whose souls are connected

They hear the words meant only for them

Embracing the noise of their love affair


I listen for what life has yet to become

Your sweetest dreams and ambitions

Certainly we shall realize them together

All in due time my love, just as it should be


Philosophers speak of a predetermined life

Each action somehow planned somewhere

Believing out future is preordained

But none speak of the whispering skies


Some men seek thought before love

Logic taking place before deeds of the heart

Lost to those souls are all things beautiful

Such as a simple smile from a fair maiden


And feeling matters little; and yet it should

For feelings are first, and second, and forever

And that which says understanding more

Can be expressed in a closely guarded smile


As the hours pass and the horizon brightens

The final curtain call of a splendid evening

Circumstances dictate a distance between us

Those sweet memories will have to fill in


Soon slumber will overtake my thinking

My mind lingering on every moment of our lives

As I finally surrender to a brief period of rest

Each second filled with the love of a lifetime


Additional Reading By R. J. Schwartz (thegypsy)

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