They Did What? Dead Things Used As Art


The definition of art has evolved over time and extremism has become normalized to the point of near-insanity.  Here are a few examples of what the world has been subjected to by so-called artists expressing themselves.  It’s weird, it’s ghastly, and it uses dead things….

5000 frozen dead fish under the ice rink in Japan

A skating rink in Japan has thousands of dead fish carcasses frozen underneath the top layer in a macabre display of “educational” art.  The Space World theme park in Kitakyushu, Japan has over twenty-five species of fish arranged in various patterns under it’s rink.  In what the operators call an ice aquarium, visitors can skate atop what the management call a “frozen sea” where they can supposedly learn about the various species while enjoying some time on skates.  Unfortunately for them, the public has rejected the idea as totally tasteless and disgusting.  Even thought the fish were already dead when they were embalmed in an icy tomb, the outcry still exists since it’s viewed as wasteful; fish that could be used for food are instead used as a cheap prop, posing as art.

Crystal scorpion

Tyler Thrasher, an artist from Tulsa, grows crystals on skeletons and dried insects.  Using cicada shells as a starting point, the self-proclaimed crystal wizard honed his technique after some experimentation.  Working from his home-based studio, where he’s surrounded by skulls of raccoons, deer, and even an alligator covered in colorful crystals, Tyler is pushing the limits.  He is a purist and his work shows it. His coloring in all natural and only limited by nature herself.  This chemist-artist can grow a crystal on nearly anything, even something as delicate as a butterfly or moth.


It’s been called roadkill art by some and downright horrific by others, but that doesn’t stop Alannah Currie from making her macabre upholstery.  Currie, a former member of the musical group, The Thompson Twins, uses taxidermist road killed animals as focus points on chairs and loungers.  These aren’t merely pictures, but actual stuffed carcasses of dead animals.


People who fish and hunt have been using taxidermy resources for longer than anyone can recall to “remember” the moment of their kills.  This practice has been demonized by many who see it as a barbaric practice. Yet, now we are seeing this same type of activity being introduced differently; namely through art.  The real question is whether the common man and woman is ready to accept it.




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