Dark Goddess


Dark goddess

The Dark Goddess

She who is bathed in darkness

A Goddess, both in power and beauty

She who transcends the nightscape

Her ethereal energy presses the gloom

Carving a dangerous and unholy space

An invisible fortress where twilight is held in check

When the hands that rule the hours are stilled

A pause in the fabric that only she controls

Her gaze exceeds perspective

Alone she stands with outstretched arms

The damp earth her purchase

Aged and blackened elms, oaks, and yews, her minions

Towering above with not a leaf to be counted

Only the angry branches that conjure fear

The directionless discord, always moving in silence

Some hide in the wispy fog, others hover forebodingly

A purposeful creation of confusion, bewilderment, turmoil

Her comfort while surrounded by a shroud of malaise

She watches dark winds gathered in the arteries

Upon her command they wait, perpetually vigilant

Soldiers in the battle with all that is light

Ritualistically, she enters her nightly trance

The ravens appear, noisy and unyielding

The strongest ones open the flesh on her arms

Sharpened beaks and talons tear at her wrists

Like an unruly well, the blood erupts in torrents

Their dark bodies splattered and stained

A frenzy of crimson droplets fall like rain

Echoes reverberate as each drop tastes soil

Smoke rises and gathers across many species

Demonic creatures on four legs snort and shudder

Warriors armed with dark lances and blades

Wolves, winged nightmares, and teeth and claws

The gathering of all that are nothing

She who holds sway over this Legion

The Dark Goddess

With a thrusting fierceness she drops to a knee

A hand comes forward as she points to the West

Thunderous pounding of movement

Evil, sets forth to wage its war upon mankind

A deadly smile, a mischievous look

It has begun…

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