When contemplation starts to whisper

Tis folly to ignore,

Release yourself to the unknown

Take leave of your senses

Just contemplate


Most importantly,


Thoughts sailing through the air

Passengers on a gentle breeze

A pass, a flash, then away


Priming moments

Like the thought to start more thought

Messages both sublime and poignant

Take notice with a mental scribe

Etch them for another day

Enlist them when the moment is appropriate

Unlock you skills of communication

Abilities lead to ascendencies

Strength carries the foundations of matter

Yet thought brings imagination

Which brings creation and beautification

Trust the echoes within your mind

The telling may reveal itself in the future

And what was a fragment gains purchase

Expands into an idea, perhaps two

The sightless have vision

Clarity much more than a dream

All now becomes what it seems

Pause and enter contemplation


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R.J. Schwartz is an American Poet, Author, Webmaster, and the owner of this website.

His anthology of poetry, short stories, and essays on The Creative Exiles Website can be found here

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