Colors of the Night


Colors of the Night

Evening languishes with the sun’s last rays

They hang effortlessly on the edge of the sky

Foamy orange hues bathe the horizon

Fading yellows soon to be amber

And all will finally succumb to the darkness

Majestic purples and cobalt take center stage

Their attentions on filling the ocean they call sky

Of all the night colors, their time is the shortest

Abrupt jets of darkness overtake the lighter shades

Lady evening proves her power to again rule

You can see each and every secret if you care to look

A captured beauty held in each splinter of color

Ethereal perfection lost in the blink of an eye

Many a mortal has tried to capture it

In verse with a cavalcade of descriptive words

On a rough canvas under the tutelage of a filled palette

Oils and stains try to mirror the sight

Majestic to the eyes but non-transferrable

We mortals with our eyes to the ground or the screen

Missed opportunity to gaze upon sights when we alone

The seeing of a moment that will never again appear

And yet, without understanding, we avert our gaze

This pure beauty should draw all eyes upward

Perchance to dream while stoically awake

A reward, unearned, but certainly well deserved

Look when no one else is looking

Understand that only your sight is true

Let the camera of your memory free to choose

Which moment will forever be yours…


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