Chemtrails – Stay Vigilant – It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory


Looking skyward, we realize the beauty of the natural world. Light billowy clouds float effortlessly across an immaculate blue landscape. Rich golden hues of sunlight sparkle and dance as they stream upward, outward, and downward. Birds flocking and bees buzzing complete the masterpiece. The sight of nature on display is plentiful and peaceful. It’s perfect, at least until the solitude is shattered by the distant roar of an approaching aircraft. But not just any aircraft. This is no passenger jet, its an airborne purveyor of man-made poison. It is a flying death machine that literally sprays the atmosphere with toxic chemicals. Being helpless to stop the release, we’re forced to watch as endless trails of white pestilence stretches out in a never-ending thread. These are called chemtrails. It’s tragic and one of the biggest cover-ups happening right now, every single day, across America.

Those who know the truth are branded as conspiracy theorists or just plain old crazy. Bureaucrats sit by idly and fill our heads with false explanations. Aviation ‘experts’ on government payrolls, tell us to calm down. They tell us to relax and understand that what we are seeing is completely normal. It’s a contrail (condensation trail); just simple exhaust from a jet engine. There’s nothing to worry about. When in fact, there’s a lot to worry about. Most Americans know by now that the harder the government tries to convince, we the people, that something doesn’t exist, the more our faith increases that it does. We’ve seen this same scenario with UFO information. For 60 years the government distorted, diverted, destroyed or denied every story that dealt with an abduction or close encounter. Just recently the Air Force and Navy started declassifying thousands of documents and pictures of those things which ‘didn’t exist’ back in the day.

Seeing is Believing

As previously mentioned, a contrail is the thin white cloudlike stream that comes from a jet engine while in flight. They are mostly made up of ice crystals (water vapor exhausted at high altitude will freeze into tiny lightweight crystals). They can include any of the following, depending on the airline, type of plane, etc. Regardless of the type of jet engine, they all burn the same kind of fuel, which has a residue, so there’s always fuel smoke. Also, most jet fuel has additives, to stabilize, reduce static, or many other mission essential objectives. Each of these will leave a trace amount of the various chemicals they are made of. Depending on the altitude, contrails may be visible for several hours before dissipating.

A chemtrail is a purposefully introduced chemical mixture that is streamed into the upper atmosphere by aircraft with a specially designed dispersal system in the wings. They are designed to mimic contrails, to provide a plausible cover story. The exact chemical makeup is unknown, as is the reason for their frequent release in the atmosphere worldwide. Independent researchers have been able to gather data from sources within the inner circles of the spraying companies that what’s being released is deadly to life on earth. Some of the chemicals from the list are thorium, cadmium, barium, nickel, chromium, aluminum, arsenic, and lithium. In addition to these mostly radioactive elements, they mix in toxic molds, spores, fungi, and other compounds such as fiberglass and microscopic plastics.

The aircraft pictured above is clearly being used to disperse chemtrails. Notice the source of the white lines; they aren’t coming from the engines, but originate from the rear edge of the wing. Also note there are six streams and only four engines. Also notice how uneven the six trails are; jets use the same engines in all positions, which would emit similar exhaust trails.


This commercial jet is producing contrails; simple jet engine exhaust. If you watch a plane in flight, you’ll notice one key thing about contrails that proves they are different than chemtrails. Contrails are not touching the engines. The reason for this is simple science and there is absolutely no debate on it. Jet engine exhaust is superheated when cycled through the engines and takes a few seconds to cool. The water vapor becomes crystallized ice, which appears white from earth. True contrails start forming behind the aircraft; there is a noticeable gap between the engines and this starting point.

Still Not Convinced ? – More Earthly Evidence

Commercial aircraft flight paths are highly regulated across the globe. Most flights follow the same corridors, often at different altitudes. Flights are spaced by sir traffic controllers so that they never get too close to one another. The spacing is usually several miles of more. These lanes are chosen for several reasons, including advantageous tailwinds, they aren’t over any large population centers, and they get passengers from one point to the next as quickly as possible. The photos below serve as evidence of chemtrails being spread.

Here we see multiple, overlapping circular chemtrail patterns. Commercial airplanes would never flying around in circles like these. Even when a jet is circling an airport, waiting to land, the pattern may be fifty or a hundred miles out. True contrails would dissipate before ever crossing over one another. This photo is nowhere near an airport or heavy traffic lane.

This photograph shows an obvious grid pattern being made. Notice that each line has an actual ending. This is a direct result of the sprayers being turned on and off at specific locations. Other pictures depict row after row in the same direction. Some even overlap. Commercial jets don’t fly in squadron formation. Military jets do fly in such a pattern, but mostly at airshows or fly-overs. There are no combat sorties flying in commercial airspace.

The Nagging Question isn’t if Chemtrails Exist, But Why?

Many theories are circulating about why our atmosphere is being polluted with toxic chemicals, but when you step back and review them as a unit, they all point back to the same thing – population control.

For the last twenty years, the cries of global warming have influenced major decisions among world government. The entire concept has proven to be an effective tool for those same governments to control their citizens. The use of legislation to validate this control just adds icing to the cake. By regulating emissions, governments control factory production, fossil fuels use, combustion engines, home heating, and heavy industry. When they create systems where companies are forced to go carbon-neutral, they force radical changes to lifestyles and product availability. The process goes on and on and one. But in order to be effective, global warming must be proven, or at least shown to be rising at so-called crisis levels. This is accomplished through chemtrails.

The primary reason for the continued spraying mixtures of dense metalloids are to partially block out the sun’s rays from reaching the earth, which contributes to dangerous weather patterns emerging. Additionally, these chemicals become combined with regular emissions from the earth to create a huge barrier around the planet, which traps heat. Hurricanes, tornadoes, melting ice, and more extreme summer and winter weather are the result. But despite their efforts, much of the world continues to deny man-made climate change exists, which forces their hand. They will increase the spraying until they achieve their nefarious objective of massively reducing the population of planet earth, even if they wreck most of it in the process.

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